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Holistics November 2020 Product Updates 🎄❄️

by Tuan Nguyen

Holistics November 2020 Product Updates 🎄❄️

Another festive season is coming! If you haven’t got any plan for the upcoming holidays, here’s our little suggestion: Explore Holistics’ newest features and improvements.

I’m sure they will keep you on your (mistle)toes all December 🎄

Introducing: Custom Filled Map

Now you can generate a beautiful custom filled map by uploading your own GeoJSON file to Holistics. To learn how to create a Custom Map, visit our guide here.

Image: Alabama population custom map in Holistics

Revamped Heatmap (Beta)

We have changed our default color scale system from Jet to Viridis, added more customization options, and change our background map display. You can try this beta heatmap out by generating a Point Map first, then toggle Heatmap on in Styles settings.


heatmap-in-newsletter890×548 440 KB
Note: We will introduce more changes to this beta in the upcoming weeks

Improved Search Experience

Have you ever been buried by too many items and couldn’t find your target report?

Good news! Our Search Box has been further improved, which will instantly show the matching results. You can not only view your recent searches but also narrow down the result list by filtering by object types.


Business Calculation

Business Calculation helps Explorers create custom dimensions or measures quickly without touching the underlying data models logic.

You can imagine it’s like calculating 2 or multiple fields in an Excel Sheet. Its formula can be easily adjusted right in the Dataset Exploration View.


For more information, please refer to our doc about Business Calculation

Upcoming 🔜

  • Filter on measures
  • Improved Conversion Funnel
  • Bulk Action
  • Drill-through in Embedded Dashboards
  • SSO/SAML login (available in Professional Plan)

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Besides the aforementioned features, November witnessed a lot of bugs caught and improvements. Head over to our November release note for the most recent updates!

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Tang Yee Jie

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