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Here’s how it works!


Connect a Data Warehouse

Holistics works by operating on top of your data warehouse, so you're always in control. We are able to run on a large selection of warehouses — including RedShift, BigQuery, Snowflake, PostgresSQL and MySQL.

Holistics may also connect to multiple data warehouses at the same time!

What if I don't have a data-warehouse?

Connect a Data Warehouse

Ingest your Data

Use Holistics's built-in data connectors to load data from Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Pipedrive, or Google Sheets.

If you have custom data in an application database, get a software engineer to set up a secondary, and connect that directly to Holistics. Holistics will copy that data into your data warehouse for you.

Ingest your Data

Transform your Data

After you've ingested your data, you'll need to transform it into something that's useful. Holistics allows you to transform and aggregate your data within your data warehouse. You can do this by creating a view over your data, or persist that view into a new table for performance reasons.

Naturally, this feature works across multiple tables in multiple data sources!

Transform your Data

Model Your Data

Map your business metrics to your raw data. Create data models that capture your most important business metrics. In each model, define custom attributes from multiple data sources.

Build relationships between these models. Then, visualize where each metric comes from ... within Holistics itself!

Model Your Data

Get Answers To Your Business Questions

Give your non-technical users the ability to explore your business's most important metrics on their own.

Holistics comes with a self-service, drag-and-drop interface for non-technical users. You are able to create your own charts, visualizations and pivot tables by dragging the relevant metrics for display.

Get Answers To Your Business Questions

Create Interactive Dashboards from Charts

Holistics also comes with filtered dashboards — where you may filter a dashboard to display numbers for a single entity.

For instance, let's say you want to view a collection of indicators for a single customer, and reuse this dashboard for each of your customers. That's doable: just have your data analyst create a dynamic dashboard within Holistics.

Create Interactive Dashboards from Charts

Deliver Reports or Dashboards to your Entire Company

Once you have your dashboards and reports set up, Holistics lets you deliver these insights however you want: via email, Slack, SFTP upload, to a Google Sheets, or even to an API you control.

Set up your delivery schedule once, and have your reports delivered like clockwork forever.

Pushing data is better than pulling.

— Max Lee, VCNC. VCNC sends reports from Holistics to their customer support and marketing teams, via Slack and email.

Deliver Reports or Dashboards to your Entire Company

Perform Ad-hoc Analysis for Special Questions

Have a complex query that only your data analyst can answer? Fear not: Holistics comes with a powerful SQL editor that's used throughout the entire product.

Enjoy smart auto-complete that draws from your data, and great SQL syntax highlighting whenever they write complex queries as part of their work.

Perform Ad-hoc Analysis for Special Questions

Manage Your Data Assets, All In One Place

Have problems keeping track of your data? Can't remember the definitions of particular metrics, or recall which data sources certain reports draw from?

Holistics makes it easy to manage your data assets in one place. Annotate fields in your transformed data. View a data dependency graph from within the report itself. Never feel lost in your own metrics again.

Manage Your Data Assets, All In One Place

Grow your Data Department with No Lock In

Holistics takes care of the bulk of your basic data analytics tasks. But if you want to augment your data infrastructure with additional tools later, Holistics doesn't stand in your way. There's no lock-in with Holistics. All transformations are persisted in your data warehouse. Just connect other data tools on top, later, when you need them!

Grow your Data Department with No Lock In

Frequently Asked Questions

What databases and data sources can Holistics connect to?

We support most SQL and analytics databases, like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, BigQuery, Redshift and more ...

We also support other data sources like MongoDB, CSV, Excel, Google Analytics, and Google Sheets. You may read the full list here.

If you use something that's not on the list, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to work on an integration.

What if I don't have a data warehouse?

We recommend you to create one, as it's relatively inexpensive today if you use a major cloud provider. See this video guide on how to setup a free BigQuery cluster in 5 minutes.

Or if you have a SQL database running and don't have lots of load, you can connect Holistics directly to your SQL database.

How are you guys different from Tableau?

Tableau is great at visualizing charts, but requires you to prepare and transform the data beforehand. That's where Holistics come in.

You use Holistics to model and transform data to feed into Tableau for visualization.

How can I sign up for a trial?

Book a call with us! We'll walk you through a demo of the software and then activate a trial for you.

We do this to make sure you get the most value out of the software, by giving you a demo of the functionalities that most fit with your use cases.

I already use other BI tools, can I use Holistics alongside them?

The answer is yes! Holistics is designed to work well with other BI or ETL tools.

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