How Holistics Works

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1. Connect To Your Database

Securely connect your database to Holistics with IP whitelisting or SSH Tunnel. Get instant access to real-time data, directly from your database.

Holistics works with common SQL and analytics databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, PrestoDB, Greenplum, etc...

Connect Database

2. Write SQL Queries

Write your SQL query to extract data into an online report. Then pick your favourite charts, from column, bar, bubble... to more complex visualization like cohort analysis.

Add filters and drilldowns to allow users to slice-and-dice, pivot and drill-through your reports easily. Abstract repetitive components of the queries into shared query templates that can be used across different reports.

Write SQL Query

3. Share Results

Share the reports and dashboards with selected colleagues and teams, or your entire company. When a user accesses a report, Holistics executes the SQL query against your database to get the data. The results are then rendered and visualized to end users.

Schedule email reports, add alerts to notify your users via emails every morning, or when something abnormal happens.

Generate shareable links to share restricted reports with external partners outside of your company.

Share Results

Supported Databases

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