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Calculate Cohort Retention Analysis with SQL

Cohort Retention Analysis is a powerful thing that most business owners need to look at.

Retention: If first-time user A goes to the store on Week 1, and returns to the store the next week, he is a returned user. If user B also goes to the store on Week 1 and does not return the next week, he’s a bounced user, that basically means you lose him as a user (despite all the marketing money you spent to lure him to your store).

Cohort Analysis is a technique to see how variables change in different...

Creating A Culture Of Metrics With Metric Sheets

It’s just been slightly over a week since our last release, and already we’ve launched the next one! In Holistics release (v1.30), we gave you Metric Sheets, which we believe to be a strong differentiating feature for our customers that showcases our strengths in handling tabular data. A big note of thanks to our fans and customers who’ve been telling us how much they value our product, this recent change was a huge one in terms of code for the product engineering team, and it’s feedback like...

Our New Geo Heatmap Feature Is Here!

In our new Holistics release (v1.29), we finally unveiled a popularly requested feature: Geo Heatmaps! Our engineering team has been working hard on this behind the scenes for a while now, so we’re really excited to share this with you, as part of creating a great Holistics software user experience!

Combining the power of SQL with being able to answer...

Introducing Annotations

As you progress in your business, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep track of the small or big events that happened, things like:

  • The first launch of iOS app
  • A big release with an awesome feature
  • Your business getting featured on the media
  • Running a big marketing campaign

That’s why today, we’re excited to share a new awesome feature: Annotations! Annotations help you keep track of what has happened on a timeline, or directly on your chart.

Watch a short demo video of the feature...

Moving From Redshift to Presto

Recently one of our customers, Grab - the Uber’s competitor in SEA, unicorn startup - published a blog post on how they moved their data infrastructure from Amazon Redshift to Presto to cater for their scaling needs. We thought it’s pretty interesting and wanted to do a short summary of the post below.

Grab Data Architecture

  • They were using Amazon Redshift but the data grew really big, and Redshift couldn’t handle
  • Built a data lake, separate the storage layer from the data processing layer.
  • Storage layer using...

Sidekiq Process Manager

At Holistics, we use Sidekiq, the de facto standard background processing framework for Ruby. By combining the reliability feature of Sidekiq Pro and our own retry logic, we can be assured that no back-end job gets lost or forgotten. Yet for a while, there were process management issues that we had not been able to solve effectively.

Gracefully restarting worker processes

In order to restart a Sidekiq worker, the recommended way is to send SIGTERM, which is the signal sent to a process to...

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