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Business companion for your database

The most flexible data reporting and preparation software.
Works with your data infrastructure - No training required

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Data Reporting

No more manual importing of database records into Excel and pivoting data for your reporting needs


Data Preparation

Create your own reporting database without writing any technical system scripts or cron jobs

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How we benefit our customers

“Holistics was the solution to the increasingly many and complex data requests from the operational teams – reports can be shared across different functions and regions without compromising data security. The increased visibility of data has also increased overall data literacy in the company and enabled the data team to be much more productive.”

Tang Yee Jie
Regional Data Analyst, Grab

Why Holistics

No Training Required

Holistics work with what you are familiar with. Business teams can easily filter live data in their reports, and data teams can create reports with the familiar data language, SQL to create any business reports they want.

Natural Business SQL

Holistics specialize to help speed up and simplify your report queries. Your analyst can focus on extracting the data and reports they need based on the business requirements, and we will help them with the heavy lifting of the system administration tasks.

Full control and ownership of your data

You do not need to worry about how to load data into Holistics. Holistics works directly off your database, which means that you retain full control over your report query performance and how they are stored.

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CTO Roomorama

“Before we started using Holistics, we at Roomorama were building and maintaining all reports in our admin backend system, which demands great effort from different people to design, develop, test and deploy together in the release plan. Now we can safely manage reports and data requests as fast we can build SQL queries. We all love the tool, specially the email schedule feature which we use very often.”

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