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Holistics allows everyone to answer their own data questions without bothering technical teams. No more “request queue frustration” for both business & data team.

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Get the right data without writing SQL

Holistics is a self-service BI platform that enables non-technical users to get access to analytics without bothering data teams.

Once connected to a SQL data warehouse, data teams use Holistics to define the data metrics and prepare well-defined explorable datasets and reports for key data consumers.

Non-technical users can build their own reports with simple, visual report builders.

Every report execution in Holistics will be translated into SQL queries that send to data warehouse. Holistics will visualize the returned results.

High-level Holistics diagram

Define & Curate Metrics

Data Team builds a central definition of metrics using Holistics, then curate selected datasets to expose to business users.

Define & Curate Metrics

Self-service Analytics

Business users analyze and build their own reports & charts without writing SQL or relying on technical colleagues.

Self-service Analytics

Data Sharing & Delivery

Share insights with stakeholders with a single click. Push insights via email, Slack, webhooks & more.

Data Sharing & Delivery

Helping non-technical users achieve self-service analytics with great confidence

The Old World
The New World, With Holistics

The Old World

Data Team is overwhelmed with ad-hoc requests from business users.

Multiple different SQL definitions of the same business logic across the entire system render bulk-update impossible.

Data consumers turn into data skeptics as different reports give different values for the same metric.

The New World, With Holistics

Business Users perform ad-hoc data exploration without writing SQL or bothering Data Team.

When business logic changes, data teams only need to update once, and the change will be reflected across all related reports AUTOMATICALLY.

All metrics are defined once, all reports give the same value for the same metric.

With Holistics in our setup with BigQuery and DBT, if we have a new dataset available and we want to implement it, we can literally do it in like two hours from start to finish, including all the descriptions and metrics, as compared to probably 10 to 12 hours in our previous tool.

We really like the clean look and feel of creating reports and adding them to a dashboard. The main feedback from our business users was when are we getting more data ready to use?

Olaf V., Senior Intelligence Analyst at Feeld

Olaf V., Senior Intelligence Analyst at Feeld

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