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Holistics allows everyone to answer their own data questions without bothering technical teams. No more "request queue frustration" for both business and data teams.

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Get the right data without writing SQL

Holistics let Data Team define and curate a set of business metrics, and allow business users to get their own data without writing SQL or bothering Data Team.

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Define & Curate Metrics

Define & Curate Metrics

Data Team builds a central definition of metrics using Holistics, then curate selected datasets to expose to business users.

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Self-service Analytics

Self-service Analytics

Business users analyze and build their own reports & charts without writing SQL or relying on technical colleagues.

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Data Sharing & Delivery

Data Sharing & Delivery

Share insights with stakeholders with a single click. Push insights via email, Slack, webhooks & more.

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Powerful Data Exploration Platform

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/self-service-icon-2.svgFully self-service analytics for non-technical users

Perform self-service data exploration without technical knowledge. Run complex JOINs without writing SQL queries.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/delivery-icon-2.svgDeliver insights directly to users

Push data to your users on email, Slack or IM. Embed Holistics directly into your application for seamless customer analytics experiences.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/data-model-icon-2.svgEasily standardize business logic with data modeling

Define metrics and dimensions centrally for consistency across the board. See visual relationship diagrams between data components.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/cross-database-icon-2.svgCombine data for cross-database joins

Load data from spreadsheets, apps and databases into your data-warehouse. Automatic dependency management, no more digging around to find out why numbers look wrong.

Frictions with your current data process? No problem.

Business Users

Business Users

Stop waiting days for data! Tired of waiting for answers from an overworked data team? Create your own dashboards from a curated set of business metrics.

Use drill-throughs on your favourite dashboards. Get alerts when something important happens.

Decision Makers

Decision Makers

One source of truth. Stop worrying about different departments running their own analyses in different tools.

Make your decisions on the best data, all drawn from one place you trust.

Data Teams

Data Teams

Move on from being a English-to-SQL Translator. Help your business users help themselves, and answer less adhoc queries. Spend more time for high-value work.

Don't Repeat Yourself. Find yourself copying SQL queries again and again? Redefine metrics for the 4th time? With Holistics, write once, reuse everywhere.

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Want to understand the complex landscape of data analytics?

Want a quick primer on the practice of modern data analytics? We wrote The Analytics Setup Guidebook to help you with that.

Get a soup-to-nuts overview of the broader data landscape in less than 200 pages. (Plus we drew all the pictures ourselves!)

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