From Raw Data To Insights

Holistics connect to your data sources and let you turn raw data to actionable business insights.

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A Full-Stack Data Platform

Holistics helps set up end-to-end, scalable analytics stack with minimal help from engineering.

How Holistics works
ELT & Automated Workflow

ELT & Automated Workflow

Load data from different sources into your central data warehouse & manage your workflows with a simple UI.

Central Data Management

Central Data Management

Organize and manage your internal analytics knowledge. Build central data definitions for your entire organization.

BI & Data Visualization

BI & Data Visualization

Perform self-service data analysis without relying on a technical team member. Visualize data as charts and dashboards to extract insights.

Data Sharing & Delivery

Data Sharing & Delivery

Share insights with stakeholders with a single click. Push insights via email, Slack, instant messaging & more.

Bring World-class Data Proficiency To Your Whole Company

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/self-service-icon-2.svgFully self-service analytics for non-technical users

Perform self-service data exploration without technical knowledge. Run complex JOINs without writing SQL queries.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/delivery-icon-2.svgDeliver insights directly to users

Push data to your users on email, Slack or IM. Embed Holistics directly into your application for seamless customer analytics experiences.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/data-model-icon-2.svgEasily standardize business logic with data modeling

Define metrics and dimensions centrally for consistency across the board. See visual relationship diagrams between data components.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/cross-database-icon-2.svgCombine data for cross-database joins

Load data from spreadsheets, apps and databases into your data-warehouse. Automatic dependency management, no more digging around to find out why numbers look wrong.

What makes Holistics different?

Holistics offers both experiences in the same platform: a SQL-friendly interface for data analysts, and self-service experience for non-technical users.

SQL friendly

Friendly for data analysts who enjoy the flexibility of SQL.


Let non-technical users run analysis without having to learn SQL.


Modularize and reuse data components, no more SQL spaghetties across multiple places.


No more stitching different tools just to get a working analytics.

Connect data and business teams together

Data Teams

Operate entire analytics pipeline without engineering's help.

Make complex datasets available to business users, no longer bombarded by adhoc requests from them.

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Data Teams

Business Teams

Get up-to-date data reports without relying on data teams.

Query live data without learning SQL.

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Business Teams

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