Canvas Dashboard

Canvas Dashboard is the next-generation dashboard in Holistics, designed to empower your data storytelling with unparalleled flexibility and control.

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Freeform dashboard design

Freeform dashboard design

Add, remove, and rearrange building blocks on a blank canvas to create a customized reporting experience.

Sandbox your development

Sandbox your development

Build dashboards in Modeling layer and deploy your dashboards to production when ready.

Define dashboard as code

Define dashboard as code

Write AML to build dashboards. version control with Git integration. Reuse components, refactor at scale.

Build Dashboards That Don't Just Inform - They Delight

Customize your dashboards with full control over content, layout, design, and aesthetics.

Turn your dashboards into a narrative report, an embedded presentation, a landing page, or any format that leaves your data consumers in awe.

“I want to make more customized dashboards and engage our users even more. This feature really provides a wide array of possibilities on what can be designed in a dashboard”

Anders Kruse

Senior Data Scientist, Kristeligt Dagblad

Build With Both Visual & Code View

Use Code View for fast cloning and precise customization. Copy, paste, and tailor dashboards’ filters and permissions effortlessly for different requirements.

Use Visual View to review design changes and apply cosmetics touch-ups for a polished finish.

“Being able to create charts in visual view and look at the code, and vice versa is really useful. It's like when you're in Excel, you can record a macro, do your stuff, and then come back and look at the code. That's how it should work.”

Mike K.

Director of Enterprise Analytics, Strongmind

Turn Dashboards Into Reusable Templates

No more manually recreating new dashboards for every new data request.

Parameterize your reporting widgets using variables, and reuse them anytime, anywhere.

“The ability to parameterize a widget using variables was a game changer. I have gauges/KPI widgets that appears in 50 rows in my dashboard. I was able to take one function, parameterize it. Then I just have to pass in those variables to produce a widget.”

Mike K.

Director of Enterprise Analytics, Strongmind

Sandbox Your Development

Develop, experiment, and test your dashboards in a dedicated environment.

Make adjustments, try new layouts, and refine your designs without the pressure of messing up live dashboards, ensuring only the best versions make it to your audience.

“What excites me about this is finally having a dedicated space to develop dashboards without having to deploy. I can see how changes to Modeling objects affect dashboards right away without having to deploy.”

Benjamin Sebastian

Head of Data, Estrid Studio

Version Control With Git

Know who changes what and when.

Review every update, track every change, and undo every mistake. Subject your dashboard to the same rigorous workflow of software engineering.

“The ability to track changes on dashboards via the Git integration is great! This would allow us to design the dashboards more individually.”

Lisa B.

Data, ARD

Version Control With Git