Manage your analytics workflow better with Analytics As-Code

Holistics lets you write code (DSL) to define your analytics logic, and check them into Git version control. This makes analytics process more maintainable and streamlined.

Analytics development now feels just like software development.

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Define data logic using declarative DSL language

Define business logic, modelling and datasets using our custom DSL language for analytics.

Use familiar SQL for logic definition.

Define data logic using declarative DSL language

Version control with Git integration

Commit your analytics code to Git and track every change, perform branching, code reviews to ensure accurate analytics workflow.

Version control with Git integration

Build reusable analytics components

Turn common data logic into analytics "functions" that can be used for multiple use cases.

Build reusable analytics components

Enable Trusted No-code Self-service Analytics

Allow everyone to explore data with a drag-and-drop interface on top of the unified as-code data modeling layer.

Build interactive dashboards without code, share and schedule insights to your teams or partners via links, emails, Slack, etc.

Enable Trusted No-code Self-service Analytics


Maintainable workflow

All data logic is coded and version controlled by a central Git repository, making it easy to trace back when things go wrong.

High reliability

It is easy to debug, test and detect issues with your data.

Avoid duplicate of logic

Analytics logic can now be reused multiple times.

Prevent vendor lock-in

All modeling logics can be easily backed up and ported to other tools.

Better change management

With CI/CD built-in, it is easy to manage change to data and business logic.

Analytics Engineering

Applying software engineering best practices to Business Intelligence.