Build a data-informed organization with self-service BI

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Familiar interface for Business Users

Explore data and build interactive dashboard with just a few clicks.

Self-service Data Exploration

Slice, dice, pivot your data, do free-style exploration to get insights with a familiar drag-and-drop interface.


Cut through the noise of irrelevant data. Apply filters to your widgets to view the specific data of a country, product group, or time range.

Drill-down and drill-through

Discover insights beneath the surface. Analyze data by any time unit like year or week, and quickly view additional data to gain a holistic understanding. All without the help of your analysts.

We in the end chose Holistics as our go-to platform for analyzing and sharing company data reports due to its deceptive ease of use, customizable filters, efficiency, and scalability. Our non-technical teams... all love Holistics.

Gabriel Chong, Data Operations Manager at 99co

Gabriel Chong, 99.co

The perfect workspace for Analysts

Built with Data Analysts in mind, Holistics provides a perfect workspace for you to analyze your data.

Data Modeling

Map business logic to data logic, update data in one place and propagate the change to all dependent models, datasets and reports.

Refactor your SQL

Turn commonly used SQL blocks into reusable modules with Holistics's Data Models.

Advanced SQL Editor

Auto-completion, formatting SQL, query history tracker... writing SQL and running analyses are now more intuitive than ever.

Build up a data-informed culture

Push - not pull. Delivering data directly to your users is the most effective way to make your organization use data in the decision-making process.

Email Schedules

Schedule email reports (or dashboards) to be sent to to your employees, customers or partners.

Slack Schedules

Schedule reports to be delivered directly to Slack, so everyone stays informed!

Mobile Report Viewing On The Go

Get the data you need from wherever you are, across all devices!