Holistics Data Reporting

Getting Insights In A Flash,
Deliver Insights Like A Boss

Getting Your Insights

Build real-time, interactive dashboards with metrics and visualizations
Powerful And Interactive Dashboards
Get a high-level glimpse of your business with interactive dashboards
All KPIs In One Place
Fully automated, single view of your key business metrics in one page for your team, partners, investors and more
Annotate Your Insights
Add short notes to your chart timelines, to track the business events that matter whether big or small
Filters And Drilldowns
Slice, dice, dig deeper, or filter particular sets of data, with our advanced filters & drilldowns

The Perfect Workspace For Analysis

Built with Data Analysts in mind, Holistics provides a perfect workspace for you to analyze your data
Advanced SQL Editor
Auto-completion, formatting SQL, query history tracker... writing SQL and running analyses are now more intuitive than ever
Reusable SQL Components
Turn commonly used SQL code into reusable SQL components with Holistics' Query Templates
Drag-and-drop And Data Modeling
Generate insights quickly and create Data Models for future analysis, right in your browser

10X Boost To Reporting Productivity

Give a 10X boost to your productivity by automating your reporting process and viewings reports on the go
Email Schedules And Alerts
Schedule email reports (or dashboards) to be sent to to your employees, customers or partners.
Slack Schedules And Alerts
Schedule reports and automated alerts to be delivered directly to Slack, so everyone stays informed!
Mobile Report Viewing On The Go
Get the flexibility to stay connected to your business intelligence from wherever you are, across all devices!

So The Right People Get The Right Access

With our flexible and powerful Permission System, Holistics allows you to customize access for Shareable Links and Folders, even to each Filter of any Report

Group/User Level

Share reports with individual users. Or place similar users into groups and share reports with them

Filter/Record Level

Using the same report, different users will only see data permitted to their restricted permission group

Share Externally

Quickly generate Shareable Links to share your findings with external stakeholders, partners and investors

Make data work for you

Whatever you need, Holistics can help. Talk to our data experts.