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  • "Holistics is the solution to the increasingly many and complex data requests from the operational teams – reports can be shared across different functions and regions without compromising data security.

    The increased visibility of data has also increased overall data literacy in the company and enabled the data team to be much more productive. "
    — Tang Yee Jie, Senior Data Analyst, Grab
  • "We looked into a number of business intelligence tools before choosing Holistics as our go-to platform for analyzing and sharing company data reports, due to its deceptive ease of use, customizable filters, efficiency, scalability, and affordability for growing companies.

    Holistics’ focus on dynamic SQL provides you incredible finesse in how you query. Their SQL-first approach means the UI is there to help you when you need it, but doesn't stop you from getting down in the dirt when you need to. "
    — Conor McLaughlin, Cofounder & CTO, 99.co
  • "I can say that we're really very happy with our experience with Holistics, and it's one of our crack tools that we refer to on a regular basis during the day. Before this I needed to usually get our tech team to run queries on our database before I could get an idea of how our sales were doing, so I only ended up looking at items like our sales data once a week or fortnight.

    Now I'm able to pull and view our up to the minute data as and when I feel like it during the day. "
    — Ashwin Jeyapalasingam, Cofounder & COO, CatchThatBus

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99co moves away from an in-house dashboard to Holistics. Now business teams at 99co get immediate answers to their data questions.

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