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Case Study

LINE GAMES Case Study: Leveraging multidimensional data to understand gaming behavior

How LINE GAMES used Holistics to conduct multidimensional analysis of in-game and business data, automating and reducing business hours needed to check desired indicators on the web.

On the Press

Gartner FrontRunners 2019 Lists Holistics As Top 2 Business Intelligence Tools For Usability

Over 282 BI products were evaluated, and only 21 tools with the top scores for Usability and User Recommendations made the cut as FrontRunners.

Case Study

Fave Case Study: Empowering users to make data-driven decisions

How Fave manipulated their raw data to create insights, making precise data-driven decisions across every department by using Holistics.

Case Study

ShopBack Case Study: Building a data-first organization for non-technical users

How ShopBack automated data reporting and delivery and gave business users a zero-learning curve experience, to become a data-first organization with Holistics.

Case Study

VCNC Case Study: Delivering great mobile user experiences with data

How VCNC creates a positive user experience for millions of mobile users everyday, by leveraging data with Holistics.

Case Study

Kata.ai Case Study: Delivering and extracting chatbot data to reap behavioral insights for AI

How Kata.ai processed over 9 million messages per day and developed better chatbot AI with Holistics, improving delivery of customer analytics and internal product analysis.

Case Study

GroupM Case Study: Providing a world-class analytics experience to enterprise customers

How GroupM Indonesia provided a world-class analytics experience to their major client, using Holistics for dedicated analytics services and a white-label solution.

Case Study

RedDoorz Case Study: Automated data processes for agile hotels operations

How RedDoorz automated data operations with a lean one person team for its hotels business, and made data readily available for the entire organization using Holistics.

Case Study

Aurora Health (Moodpath) Case Study: Promoting mental health with big data and product analytics

How Aurora Health delivered a better mental wellbeing experience with the Moodpath app for millions of users, using Holistics for product and data analytics.

Case Study

Floship Case Study: Data accessibility across the supply chain

How Floship, an e-commerce logistics company, picked up SQL basics in a weekend and built a data savvy, automation-focused company culture with Holistics.

Case Study

99.co Case Study: Unlocking engineering efficiencies and powering property tech with data

How 99.co managed to free up engineering resources and build a data-first company with Holistics, using data analytics and automation to deliver a better service.

Case Study

Airfrov Case Study: Enhancing the eCommerce experience with data analytics

How Airfrov delivers a top notch eCommerce service, by using data on Holistics to discover new growth opportunities and to improve their platform and product.

On the Press

Holistics One Of Four Echelon 2018 TOP100 Winners

These four Echelon TOP100 winners prove why Singapore’s ecosystem is still the crowning jewel of Southeast Asia.

On the Press

Designed For Professionals, Holistics Wants To Be The Adobe Of Data Analytics

Holistics featured by e27 media, dubbed as the Adobe of data analytics, so “any new tech startup can just onboard Holistics and have their data analytics infrastructure taken care for them.”

  • Tang Yee Jie, Senior Data Analyst, Grab
    "Holistics is the solution to the increasingly many and complex data requests from the operational teams – reports can be shared across different functions and regions without compromising data security.

    The increased visibility of data has also increased overall data literacy in the company and enabled the data team to be much more productive. "
    — Tang Yee Jie, Senior Data Analyst, Grab
  • Conor McLaughlin, Cofounder & CTO, 99.co
    "We looked into a number of business intelligence tools before choosing Holistics as our go-to platform for analyzing and sharing company data reports, due to its deceptive ease of use, customizable filters, efficiency, scalability, and affordability for growing companies.

    Holistics’ focus on dynamic SQL provides you incredible finesse in how you query. Their SQL-first approach means the UI is there to help you when you need it, but doesn't stop you from getting down in the dirt when you need to. "
    — Conor McLaughlin, Cofounder & CTO, 99.co
  • Wei Li Loh, Director of Customer Success and Marketing
    "Holistics has been very helpful in democratizing our data to our Customer Success Managers (CSMs). With Holistics, our CSMs gain real-time insights into our data while not needing to know a single word of SQL. This allows them to focus on their core jobs of ensuring customer retention and upsells. "
    — Wei Li Loh, Director of Customer Success and Marketing
  • Enrique Espejo, Operations Director, Noddus
    "Before finding out about Holistics, analytics was our elephant in the room. We knew it was fundamental for the completion of our platform but didn't have enough resources to work on a robust solution. With Holistics Embedded Analytics we are now able to focus on our core technology and still have a top-notch analytics solution for our clients. It has been key to our current success. "
    — Enrique Espejo, Operations Director, Noddus
  • Jacob Eyo, Data Analyst, Shopback
    "My favourite Holistics feature is the ability to email reports on a schedule. Once set, it is fully automatic and the business users can receive their reports right from their email. "
    — Jacob Eyo, Data Analyst, Shopback
  • Piotr Miąskiewicz, Team Leader in Analyst Services, Syncron
    "Our customer (large automotive company) has given us kudos for a great addition to our service which is delivery of application performance report to end users. Good relations with their dealers (which use our application) is key in their business. None of our competitors are close to the quality that we can deliver with Holistics. These are the words from our customer. "
    — Piotr Miąskiewicz, Team Leader in Analyst Services, Syncron
  • Ashwin Jeyapalasingam, Cofounder & COO, CatchThatBus
    "I can say that we're really very happy with our experience with Holistics, and it's one of our crack tools that we refer to on a regular basis during the day. Before this I needed to usually get our tech team to run queries on our database before I could get an idea of how our sales were doing, so I only ended up looking at items like our sales data once a week or fortnight.

    Now I'm able to pull and view our up to the minute data as and when I feel like it during the day. "
    — Ashwin Jeyapalasingam, Cofounder & COO, CatchThatBus
  • Li Soon, Head of Product Engineering, Tech in Asia
    "Holistics serves two very important purposes for us. First, it's a familiar presentation layer that allows us to quickly pull numbers from our database. Second, it promotes data transparency within our team, by acting as a self-serve platform for other team members. On top of that, Vincent is very attentive and receptive to feedback. "
    — Li Soon, Head of Product Engineering, Tech in Asia
  • Greg Lipper, Chief Happiness Officer, Happi
    "As a non-technical director of a mobile app startup, I find Holistics to be a lifesaver in terms of getting me the reports I need, on the fly. The tool works as designed and I use it several times a day. The pricing is fair and Vincent and his team provide lightning fast response to questions and requests. "
    — Greg Lipper, Chief Happiness Officer, Happi
  • Leandro Cavaleri Gerhardinger, Chief Technology Officer, Roomorama
    "Before we started using Holistics, we at Roomorama were building and maintaining all reports in our admin backend system, which demands great effort from different people to design, develop, test and deploy together in the release plan. Now we can safely manage reports and data requests as fast we can build SQL queries.

    We all love the tool, specially the email schedule feature which we use very often. "
    — Leandro Cavaleri Gerhardinger, Chief Technology Officer, Roomorama