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Holistics October 2020 Product Updates

by Di Hoang

Holistics October 2020 Product Updates

October seems to be one of our most successful months with many powerful features released.
Are you keen on them? Let's take a glance at what we've shipped to you today:

  • Metric Sheet
  • Point Map
  • Adhoc Export

Metric Sheet

We've added a new visualization type called Metric Sheets, which will allow you to centralize the most important metrics of your company and view their changes through time.

Holistics Metric Sheet

To learn how to generate a beautiful Metric Sheet, visit our doc here.

Point Map

Turn your latitude-longitude data into a beautiful point map in just a few seconds! In the next few weeks, you'll also be able to turn this point map into a heatmap. Stay tuned!

Holistics Point Map

To learn how to create a Point map, visit our doc here.

Adhoc Export for Dashboard

Find some interesting insights and don't want to manually share them to your team? With our new adhoc export, now you can instantly deliver a dashboard to your colleagues or clients via multi-channels with a few clicks!

Other highlights:

  • Analysts are allowed to create new schedule
  • Improve Filter Experience in dashboard
  • Enable option to Export data in Embedded Dashboard
  • Apply current dashboard filter values to shareable links settings filter

Coming up next

We'll bring back the great old custom expression, which is called Business Calculation. It enables business user's ability to create their adhoc fields in any dataset.

Also, we're working on Row-level Permission allowing you to control which record users can retrieve from the database.

Sound great? Let's wait for our November Update!

Stay updated!

Besides these new features above, there are a lot of incremental changes in our end to solve ad-hoc problems and improve your overall experience in Holistics. If you want to get a little bit geeky, check out October Release Note where we list them (almost) all!

Please continue sending us your feedback and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with the newest features!

Di Hoang

Di Hoang

Product Analyst at Holistics. I love to travel, communicate and share knowledge with other people.

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