Query and Visualize
Google BigQuery Data like a boss

Query and visualize Google BigQuery database data in minutes using Holistics' advanced SQL editor and visualization tools to turn raw data into powerful actionable insights

Awesome SQL Editor To Query Google BigQuery Database

  • Query Google BigQuery database using our powerful Query Editor
  • Get fast results: by leveraging our caching layer
  • Write maintainable SQLs with autocomplete, autoformat and reusable SQL features

Turn Google BigQuery Data Into Beautiful Charts and Dashboards

  • Pivot & visualize Google BigQuery data with our advanced visualization tools
  • Build dashboards & reports of Google BigQuery that auto-update with latest data
  • Get fast Google BigQuery reports performance with auto scheduled refreshes

Share Insights With Colleagues and External Partners

  • Powerful User Access Control that allows fine-grained permission management across users and user groups
  • Auto Deliver Reports to Email Inbox, Slack or Google Spreadsheets using our powerful Data Exports
  • Share Reports with External Partners using our powerful shareable links functionality

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Holistics store my data?

We know your database contains your most sensitive data, which is why Holistics is designed to work directly with your database, and not store any of your database data.

What types of visualizations do you support?

We support a strong range of visualizations, from basic ones like line, area, pie, bar, column charts to scatter plot, cohort, geo heatmaps and pivot tables. See the full list here.

What other SQL databases do you support?

We support all popular SQL databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Amazon Reshift, Microsoft SQL Sever, PrestoDB, etc.

Do you support non-SQL data sources?

Yes we do, we do this via our ETL module that allows you to import data from different non-SQL sources into your SQL database. Learn more here.

Holistics is the solution to the increasingly many and complex data requests from the operational teams – reports can be shared across different functions and regions without compromising data security.

-- Tang Yee Jie, Senior Data Analyst, Grab

Tang Yee Jie, Senior Data Analyst, Grab

Because Data Team Is Not An IT Help Desk

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