Delivering insights to the right audience

Getting the insights is just half the story. Great data is about people, not numbers. It’s about driving smart decisions and motivating the right behaviour in organization. So data analytics is as much about delivery as it is about the data itself.

That’s why Holistics puts a strong focus on data delivery — we think it’s important to get the right insights to the right people at the right time.

Built for all data stakeholders

Don’t just serve data to your internal colleagues, get your clients and partners to rave about how great your company is by getting them the data they want effortlessly. Or level up by integrating with different 3rd-party systems seamlessly.

Internal employees and colleagues

Share insights with your colleagues via web. Or get fresh reports delivered to your management team via emails or Slack every morning.

Clients and External Partners

External partners with no user accounts? No problem! Send your clients and partners email reports, or generate a shareable link that gives them access to your insights.

Or better, embed Holistics directly into your application for a seamless analytics customer experience.

3rd-party systems

Don’t just wow people, wow the machines too. Deliver reports to machines via Holistics API, SFTP upload, or Google Sheets exports.

Support a wide array of delivery destinations

Push, don’t just pull

Building a BI system is already a hard task. Getting adoption in your organisation is even harder.

Pushing data insights is one way around this problem. Instead of getting your team to check yet another dashboard, give them insights where they already are!

VCNC integrates Holistics with its Slack customer service channel. Whenever Holistics detects certain keywords related to customer requests and complaints, it pushes notifications to the team via Slack. From there, the team tracks how many requests are solved, and long it took them to do so.

Before, our team didn’t check any numbers and operate mostly by intuition. One weekend I signed up [Holistics] and setup an email report that sends to the management team every morning. They couldn’t stop checking the morning email since.

Kent Nguyen, Data @ Triip.me

Kent Nguyen