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Extract & load data to your Data Warehouses


Connect and extract data from SQL and non-SQL sources in only a few clicks.


Load data to a central data warehouse and prepare for transformation.

We use Holistics for transforming... With simple clicks, we can import and transform any database to our desired form.

- - Anzer Nafis, Senior Manager Analytics at RedDoorz

Anzer Nafis

Transform raw data to reliable Data Models

Transform With Data Model

Refactor your complicated queries into bite-size SQL models, and visualize your transformation steps.

Optimize Your Transformations

Periodically persist your models into physical tables to speed up queries and reduce resource consumption.

Match Business Logic and Data Logic

Document Data Knowledge

Annotate and describe your Data Models to make collaboration across teams easier

Dataset As A Portal To Your Data

Combine Models into Datasets, and expose only relevant information to your data users.

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