Embedded Analytics

Empower Your Customer with Powerful Analytics

Embedded Analytics allow you to embed analytics dashboards inside your own web application to provide your customers with analytics capability.

Empower Your Partners

Empower Your Partners

Provide analytics to your clients, with each client can only see analytics related to their own data

High Security

High Security

Secure viewership of permitted data, with HMAC 256 hashing for secured tokens

Easy To Integrate

Easy To Integrate

As easy to embed into your application, as embedding a YouTube video!

How It Works

Embedded Analytics helps you create external dashboards for partners/customers to interact with as part of your own application, without compromising data access and security within 3 steps

  • 1
    Setup Report/Dashboard Settings
  • 2
    Embed your Report/Dashboard
  • 3
    Drink some coffee and admire your Embedded Analytics
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Embedded Analytics work?

Embedded Analytics allows you to integrate analytics into your own web application (via an iframe) so that your clients can view the reports / analytics related to their data.

Still unclear? Schedule a Demo with us.

How do you make sure each of my client can only see their data?

Each client will come with a client_id. And we filter the data by this client_id to make sure each client can only see their own data.

The client_id is also securely encrypted so that no client can hijacks and see other client's data.

Do I need to upload my data to your platform?

No. We know your database contains your most sensitive data, which is why Holistics is designed to work directly with your database, and not store any of your database data.

What is your pricing like?

We offer an affordable pricing plan for embedded analytics based on your usages or the number of clients you have. Schedule a Demo with us for more information.

How long does it take to set it up?

Typically anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, with very little engineering effort on your side.

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