The Best Alternative To Looker: Holistics, As-Code Self-Service BI

Looker's upfront cost is eye-watering, yet its product development and support quality fall short. We're here to change that, with better value for money.

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What ex-Looker Users Said About Holistics.

Buying Analytics Tool Shouldn't Be A Huge Sweat

Advancing analytics is easier when you don't get bogged down by heavy upfront costs. Here's how Holistics has better value for money than Looker:

Aspect Looker Holistics
Starting Price Opaque (need to speak to sales); Require high upfront commitments. 150$. Transparent. Can start small & scale up as usage grows.
Evaluation A Sales-led; Compulsory to speak to Sales. Self-service trial; Speak to sales for further questions. Flexible trial extension.
Payment Terms Annual payment only. Monthly & annual payments are both available.
Pricing Metrics Per User Per Usage
Onboarding Experience Steep learning curve, requires engagement with the training team, hence higher prices to make up for higher onboarding costs. Gentler learning curve. Come with highly praised documentation.
Customer Support Only self-serve support via community forum. Dedicated support agents and community forum. Complementary technical training is available.
Product Roadmap & Development Slow down since Google acquisition. Active development and weekly feature shipping.

Why Holistics Is A Good Looker Alternative: A Breakdown

Both Holistics and Looker are architecturally similar:

  • Code-based modeling layer with self-service data exploration.
  • 100% cloud-based with a centralized data modeling approach for BI teams.

For a side-by-side detailed comparison between Looker and Holistics, see the table below.

Aspect Looker Holistics
High-level Approach Take similar approach:
1. Analysts define analytics logic centrally
2. Business users perform self-service data exploration
Deployment Cloud hosted or self-hosted Cloud hosted
Compliance GDPR; SOC2; HIPAA GDPR; SOC2 Type II
Modeling Layer
Central Modeling Layer to define Business Logic Yes, with LookML. Yes. With AML.
GUI to model data No. Only code-based interface. Yes. Dual interface (both code-based and GUI-based).
Prebuilt Data Models Yes, with Looker Blocks No
Integration with data transformation tool Yes Yes. Native integration with dbt.
Work with CSV / Google Sheets source No Yes. Native support.
Developer Experience
Code-based approach Yes (LookML) Yes (AML)
Version Control with Git Yes Yes
Dashboard as code Yes Yes, with an intutive Dual Code and GUI view. (Learn more)
API Yes Yes
Reporting & Visualization
Self-service Exploration Yes Yes
Visualizations Rich visualization Rich visualization
Custom Visualizations Yes, through Looker Marketplace Yes, through Custom Charts powered by Vega-lite
Pivot Table Yes More advanced, with subgroup calculation
Date Comparison No native support (Workaround) Native support with Period-over-Period Comparison
Embedding Yes Yes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good question. We're designed to give you the freedom to choose the right tool, without worrying about being locked in to any particular software. If you ever decide that Holistics is not the right tool for you and want to switch to another one, you can do that easily with our Analytics as code functionality. However, since Looker and Holistics are similar in architecture, recreating your Looker dashboards in Holistics are relatively straightforward.
As users of a lot of softwares ourselves, we hate vendor lock-in. If you ever decide that Holistics is not the right tool for you and want to migrate, you can do that easily with our upcoming Business Intelligence as code. Your entire BI project will be represented as text and checked in to your Git repository.
Yes. Read more about our GDPR Statement.

We also have a standard Data Privacy Agreement provided upon request, please email [email protected] for more information.
We engage a US vendor, Vanta, to provide our customers or companies evaluating our software with a live up-to-date report on our SOC2 compliance. Their assessment can be found in the link below: http://r.holistics.io/soc2live

Email: your email
Password: LAn8Yta30QAe
Holistics is intuitive, both technical and non-technical people can pick it up pretty fast.

For Data Consumers: zero learning curve. They can create their own charts and dashboards without writing SQL, using a drag-and-drop interface.

For Data/technical teams: just SQL knowledge is needed in terms of skills.
We support most popular SQL databases and data warehouses: Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Presto, ClickHouse, AWS Athena, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server. See full list.
Although we're based in Singapore (Asia), the majority of our customers are in US and Europe. Despite the time zone difference, Customer Support has been among our most praised qualities from our customers.