Pay only for what you use

Usage-based pricing mechanism. All plans start with a 14-day trial with unlimited functionalities. No credit card details required. Change your plan at any time.

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For PoC or Analytics Beginners

$100/mo $120/mo
200 Objects (Up to 50 Reports) 10 Users
  • Core Self-service Analytics
  • Build reports without knowing SQL
  • Dataset Exploration
  • Date Drill / Drill-through
  • All Data Delivery destinations


Full functional features

$250/mo $300/mo
600 Objects (Up to 150 Reports) 20 Users
  • PDF Reports Delivery
  • Map Visualizations
  • Metrics Sheets
  • Password Protected Links/Emails
  • API integrations


Governance features

$500/mo $600/mo
800 Objects (w/ Unlimited Reports)
At this level, reports and charts are free!
20 Users
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Records-Based Access Control
  • SSO/SAML Integrations
  • User Activity Monitoring
  • IP Access Whitelisting


Non-Standard Purchasing Requirements

Contact Us Contact Us
Customized Pricing
  • Non-Credit Card Payments
  • Custom Supplier/Infosecurity Paperwork
  • Custom Legal & Payment Terms

*Pricing in USD for reference purpose only. Final transaction charge will be in Singapore Dollars (based on 1 USD = 1.4 SGD)

What are Objects?

Objects are things you created inside Holistics. Holistics follows a usage-based pricing plans, so you'll only be charged for the things you created.

Object Types Object Count

Report Visualization

Per Chart
Limits Entry & Standard Plan Only. Pro Plan has unlimited reports

A chart or a data table in a dashboard.


Data Delivery

Per Shareable Link

Share dashboards with external viewers without creating accounts for them

Per Email/Slack Schedule

Send automated reports via Slack/Email to recipients

Per Google Sheets Schedule

Update data from Holistics reports into a Google sheet periodically.

Per SFTP Export Schedule

Push data from Holistics reports to SFTP server periodically.


ELT Imports

Per Import Model

Scheduled importing of data from other sources into your own SQL data-warehouse


Embedded Analytics

Per Embedded Worker
Unlimited embedded viewers

How many concurrent queries will be used to serve embedding. Learn more.
Minimum 3 workers required.


Usage Top-Ups

Per Additional 100 Objects

$50/mth (billed annually)

or $60/mth (billed monthly)

Per Additional User

$12/mth (billed annually)

or $15/mth (billed monthly)

Embedded Analytics

Priced by number of embedded workers (learn more).
Unlimited embedded viewers: you are not charged by number of users viewing the embedded dashboards.

Prefer talking to someone?

Prefer someone to help evaluate if Holistics fit your needs? Book a demo with us, our account manager will give you a short demo based on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Objects in Holistics are how we count usage within the platform. They refer to the use of product features listed above, which are largely optional

You are free to add/subtract as needed to optimize for objects usage on your plan without any overage charges. Scroll up for more details on objects!
We understand this. If you create a lot of reports, you could consider our Pro plan that comes with unlimited reports. You will still be usage-based priced on other functionalities like email schedules, etc. But those are usually of much less quantity than that of reports.
Yes. Similarly, our Pro Plan gives you the first 20 users for $500/mth (billed annually). Each subsequent user will be priced at a flat US$12/mth (billed annually).

If you do your ELT (analytics preparation, processing, and delivery) jobs outside of Holistics, you need not pay for those features, or use our features. You need not worry about Holistics objects. Holistics objects are still given (and used) as optional add-ons that gives you the ability to try out some features on an experimental basis.

If you would like to discuss a pure user based pricing plan, get in touch with our sales team.
You can do this at any time from within the app. Any price differences, including the annual plan discount, will be automatically prorated.
Corporate plans are for companies with specific procurement processes
Yes! You can ask your professor or school conducting an analytics-related course to apply for an academic plan on a case by case basis for the class of the cohort. Holistics will provide your team with a staging account to review
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