Usage-Based Pricing

Each report, ETL job etc. created inside Holistics are counted as objects to provide you ultimate flexibility. Number of objects you have been charged truly reflects the value you're getting out of Holistics.

Billed annually (Get 2 months free) Billed monthly
Includes 50 Objects , 5 Users
  • Basic SQL Workspace
    Able to create Reports/Dashboards/Metrics easily with SQL and Drag-n-Drop modes
  • In-built ETLs
    Consolidate and transform data from multiple data sources
  • Slack/Email Schedules
    Automatically and periodically schedule email reports (or dashboards) to be sent to to your employees, customers or partners
  • PostgreSQL/MySQL
Includes 500 Objects , 10 Users
  • Explore Results
  • Export to SFTP/Google Sheet
  • Standard Permission Control
    Able to manage access via User Groups
  • Big Data Connectors
Unlimited Objects , 10 Users
  • PDF and Drilldowns
  • High Performance
  • API Access
Fully Customized Pricing
  • Advanced Permission Control
  • Custom Usage Reporting
  • Custom Performance
  • White Label
Billed annually (Get 2 months free) Billed monthly
  • 10 Job Definitions (Import/Transform/Transport)
  • 5M Monthly Data Import/Transport Limit (records)
  • 30 Job Definitions (Import/Transform/Transport)
  • 25M Monthly Data Import/Transport Limit (records)
  • Big Data or Commercial Connectors (BigQuery/Redshift/Oracle/MS SQL)

*Pricing in USD for reference purpose only. Final transaction charge will be in Singapore Dollars (based on 1 USD = 1.4 SGD)

Entry Standard Pro Customized
Holistics Report gives you insight of data as a single page with different visualizations. Learn more
Holistics dashboard lets you group reports, metrics and text widgets in a single page that can be shared with other. Learn more
Holistics Metrics allow you to define values to be measured, presented and monitored regularly, and easily presented them in different form and time period. Learn more
Filters help you and less SQL savvy users to easily customize reports to obtain the specific results. Learn more
When viewing a time-series chart, annotations might provide contextual information on series trend at a particular date. Learn more
Holistics drilldowns allow you to flexibly link different reports and dashboards together to tell a better story about your business. Learn more
Shareable Links
A shareable link is a public link that allows everyone with the link to access the report or dashboard. Learn more
Static Dynamic Password Protection All
Max Automation Frequency Daily Hourly Up to 10 Minutes Up to 10 Minutes
Query Revision History 3 10 50 Customizable
SQL Results Set Limit 10K Results 100K Results 250K Results Customizable
User Activity and Jobs Monitoring Logs Past 7 Days Past 30 Days Past 90 Days Customizable
Report Access Control None Report Based Records (Row) Based Records (Row) Based
Data Delivery
Email Delivery Normal Configure Data Alert Thresholds (Slack, Email) Password Protected Emails All
Slack Schedules
Slack integration helps your team keeps in touch with latest data change as well as starts discussing data questions instantly from Slack. Learn more
Email Schedules
Email Schedules allow admins/analysts to schedule a report/dashboard to be send to a group of recipients via email. Learn more
Google Sheet Schedules
Exporting Report to Google Sheet is a feature that allows users to export data from a report to a Google Sheet. Learn more
SFTP Schedules
SFTP Schedules allow admins/analysts to schedule a report/dashboard to be sent to an SFTP destination. Learn more
PDF Schedules
Data Preparation
Data Imports
Holistics Data Imports allow you to import data from different sources into your database. Learn more
Data Transform
Data Transform is a feature that allows admins and analysts to transform data in a specified data source. Learn more
Object Definition
Objects in Holistics are how we count usage within the platform.
1 Report/Chart/Metric
5 Objects
1 Automated Schedule
1 Object
1 Email/Slack Report
2 Object
1 SFTP/Gsheet Report
10 Objects
1 ETL Job (Data Imports/Transforms)
10 Objects
1 Shareable Link
5 Objects
1 Million Records ETL
2 Objects
Embedded Analytics
Embedded Dashboards Performance
Additional Usage
100 Objects
1 User
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Bill McCord

"Holistics has paid off handsomely because you see a number of situations where problems would arise and the operations team or account managers were able to figure it out themselves."

Bill McCord Chief Technology Officer, Floship


What is a Holistics Object?

Objects in Holistics are how we count usage within the platform. They refer to the use of product features listed above, which broadly speaking are:
  • Reporting widgets
  • Data preparation jobs
  • Delivery schedules
You are free to add/subtract as needed to optimize for objects usage on your plan without any overage charges. Scroll up for more details on objects!

What if I just want to pay and not think about usage?

We completely understand this and work with many enterprise companies who feel this way. We can work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and use case. Simply contact us and we can work out a simpler pricing model customized to your needs!

What payment modes are available? Can we make payments via invoice?

We accept credit card payments for new sign-ups. Invoice payments are available for customers on Enterprise Plans billed on an annual basis.

What happens if I go over my objects count?

There is NEVER a restriction on Objects usage, so your business operations will not be disrupted in any way. When you exceed usage, we will get in touch with you to find an objects count that better reflects your use-case.
Connor McLaughlin, 99co
Conor McLaughlin
Cofounder & CTO, 99.co

We chose Holistics because of its deceptive ease of use, customization filters, efficiency, scalability, and affordability for growing our company.

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