Scheduled Cache For Faster Reporting Results

Our Holistics Scheduled Cache feature allows you to load reports and charts nearly instantly, by letting you control how your results are cached. Caching allows your reports to retrieve the results from the Holistics cache instead of sending the same query to your database, to run again from scratch.

Scheduled report cache settings

Suppose you want to view your reports or dashboards at 8:00 AM, but your queries take up to 15 minutes to run. With our Scheduled Cache, you can set your queries to automatically start at 7:45 AM and have the results cached when completed. By 8:00 AM, you can view your reports and dashboards without needing to wait for your queries to run!

With the Holistics Scheduled Cache feature, you can set the specific cache duration for your reports and dashboards, and when they expire. Enabling caching speeds up the loading time of your dashboards and reports, by protecting your database from having the same report queries sent to your database. Disabling caching gives you the benefit of reporting with real-time data, each time you submit your queries to your database to run.

What Should You Use This For?

Instantaneous reporting experience. Caching loads your reports and dasbhoards nearly instantly, by retrieving the query results from the Holistics cache instead of sending the same query to your database, to run again from scratch.

Keep your source data protected on your servers. No data is moved out from your own servers for our Holistics reports, as data processing is done on your database server. Holistics acts as an application server on top of your existing database, and waits for your database to finish processing the report queries before returning the query results to the Holistics application.

Give your team the flexibility of reporting with either real-time operational data or cached data. You can choose to cache your query results for limited durations, to have your reports and charts load nearly immediately while cached. Or you can empty or switch-off your cache, to query your database directly in real-time for the latest data. The choice is yours!

Maintain full control over your reporting infrastructure. As Holistics does not store your data, you keep full control over your reporting data infrastructure setup, allowing you to move between different services based upon your changing needs, instead of being constrained by your vendor’s infrastructure choices.

How It Works

Set your cache settings: You can set this at the dashboard or report level. For reports, you can choose to cache the results once the query has completed processing, to last for however many minutes you choose.

Scheduled report cache settings

For dashboards, you can schedule when the query should be executed, which can be every few minutes or on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis, and the duration of how long the cache of the results should persist for, which can be several minutes or hours long from when the query executes.

Dashboard scheduled cache settings

Bust your cache whenever, or disable caching to get real-time data: As a Holistics admin you can choose to clear all cached data from Holistics at anytime, under the Settings page. For each report, you can also choose to disable the results cache, which gives you the benefit of real-time data retrieved from your database each time the report is run.

Holistics admin cache settings

Experience the magic of instantaneous reports, with caching: Look around and see the satisfaction and smiles on the faces of your team! You can check when your report was last cached by hovering over the watch symbol, and likewise for dashboards you can check the Scheduled Cache settings, or the individual report cache times if they are set differently.

Last cache time for Holistics report

Create an instant reporting experience with the Scheduled Cache!

Sign up for a free trial to add elegant data management techniques to your work capabilities now! Our Scheduled Cache feature is another example of how the Holistics Data Platform enables your team to easily work with data, for fast-growing tech-driven companies.