Chart Annotations To Give Business Context

Our Annotations feature lets you add short notes to your chart timelines, for all your users to view. This lets you record important milestones and events and overlay these on your charts, to find patterns and ensure your users share the same understanding.

What Should You Use This For?

Share the key events that have shaped your business with your chart viewers, to provide more context.

Organize and record your milestones in a single page, for easy team reference with hashtags.

How It Works

Add Annotations directly to your chart timeline: Holistics automatically displays annotations if your report contains a line, area, or column chart with a date axis. Expand the chart sidebar, and click create to add a new annotation. You can hide annotations on your chart by toggling the ‘Display Annotations’ option at the top of the sidebar.

Organize your key events on the Annotations page: You can manage and edit all your annotations on this page, and use hashtags to organize your events by categories. You can also add new annotations here, to be displayed on your chart timelines.

Annotations page

Start collaborating more effectively with your data reports and charts!

Sign up for a free trial to add automated and collaborative data reporting to your work capabilities now! Our Annotations feature is another example of how the Holistics Data Platform makes working with data easy for teams, for fast-growing tech-driven companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Holistics store my data?

We know your database contains your most sensitive data, which is why Holistics is designed to work directly with your database, and not store any of your database data.

How is Holistics Software priced?

Holistics uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which ensures you are only charged for what you use, and you can top up your usage as required! Our entry plan begins at the affordable price of $49 a month for a team of five users.

Is Holistics a cloud-based or on-premise solution?

Holistics is a fully cloud-based one-stop business intelligence and extract, transform and load (ETL) software solution, which allows you to move, merge and query your marketing, operations, customer data and more, straight from your reporting database using SQL.