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Gartner's FrontRunners 2019 Lists Holistics As Top 2 Most Usable BI Tools Globally

by Evan Tan

Gartner's FrontRunners 2019 Lists Holistics As Top 2 Most Usable BI Tools Globally

We're proud to share that Holistics was listed by Gartner's FrontRunners 2019 as one of the highest ranked business intelligence (BI) tools. Holistics was placed #2 globally for the second consecutive year running, in terms of Usability. Only 21 tools with top scores for Usability and User Recommendations made the cut as FrontRunners.

Access the FrontRunners 2019 report for top business intelligence tools.

282 tools in total were considered for the list, which is based on user reviews, and having a core set of functions:

  • Supporting embedded analytics,
  • Custom dashboards,
  • Visual analytics,
  • Collaboration features, and
  • Self-service data preparation

"Our team has constantly been striving to build a product that makes automated data processes and organized data accessible to all levels of a company, so being listed as one of the top [BI] tools for usability is great validation of our work. It is definitely a point of pride that we are building a world-class global product, right here in Southeast Asia," said Vincent Woon, CEO of Holistics.

Customers have this to say about Holistics:

Holistics is a business intelligence and data preparation SaaS platform, built on SQL for the cloud era. Holistics lets you easily import data from different sources, manage your database and automate the delivery of data reports and insights. Data professionals work more quickly and independently, and business users enjoy a zero learning curve self-service experience for data accessibility.

Evan Tan

Evan Tan

Chief of Staff at Holistics Software, researcher of human nature. Data geek, music lover and advocate for the future of Southeast Asia.

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