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Holistics helps you set up, run and maintain your analytics stack without data engineering help

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A Full-Stack Data Platform

Holistics is a data platform that allows companies to set up an end-to-end, reusable, and scalable data analytics stack without engineering resources.

How Holistics works
ETL & Automated Workflow

ETL & Automated Workflow

Load data from different sources into your central data warehouse & manage your workflows with a simple UI.

Central Data Management

Central Data Management

Organize and manage your internal analytics knowledge. Build central data definitions for your entire organization.

BI & Data Visualization

BI & Data Visualization

Perform self-service data analysis without relying on a technical team member. Visualize data as charts and dashboards to extract insights.

Data Sharing & Delivery

Data Sharing & Delivery

Share insights with stakeholders with a single click. Push insights via email, Slack, instant messaging & more.

All you need to get insights

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/self-service-analytics-icon.svg  Self-Service Analytics

Get insights with a powerful drag-and-drop UI. Slice and dice your data, or manipulate it with pivot tables. Share dashboards, reports or KPIs with partners.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/interactive-dashboards-icon.svg  Interactive Dashboards

Get a complete picture of your metrics, and easily slice-and-dice data. Assemble and export datasets in a snap.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/sql-workspace-icon.svg  SQL Workspace

Write custom SQL with a variety of enhancements: use point-and-click, custom filters, and query templates. Track report changes and control access to SQL queries.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/slack-email-schedule-icon.svg  Slack, Email Scheduling

Deliver automated data reports to stakeholders, wherever they are. Schedule alerts to notify data changes.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/data-modeling-icon.svg  Data Modeling & Data Catalog

Holistic's data model translates data logic to business logic. It lets you create reusable data components and helps you visualize relations among them. Holistic's data catalog allows you to manage your data descriptions and analytics metadata.

https://cdn.holistics.io/landing/holistics3/etl-icon.svg  ETL

Consolidate different data sources into your data warehouse and get a complete view of your data flows

Align everyone in your team

A single BI platform that aligns data analysts, data engineers and business users.

Product Managers

Product Managers

Eliminate assumptions and deeply comprehend your users's actions. Identify and explore key metrics without drawing on engineering support in your organisation.

Head of Data

Head of Data

Oversee the collection, management and storage of data across the organization. Drive the strategy for data team and derive insights from data to business values.

Data Analysts

Data Analysts

Get a centralized view across your entire data stack. Build reusable data components, and create reports using SQL or point-and-click.

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