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Holistics helps you set up, run and scale your analytics stack with minimal engineering resources.

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Before & After Holistics


A traditional analytics stack

Before Holistics, a company's data department will most likely do the following things:

  • Buy a visualization tool, an ETL tool, and a data warehouse
  • Hire data analysts and data engineers
  • Wait for your data engineers to write code to get those tools to work together
  • Total Cost of Ownership: about $200,000+ a year (3 tools + analyst salaries + engineer salaries)

    Time taken: 3-6 months.
A traditional analytics stack


A radically simplified approach to analytics

Your company just needs to...

  • Purchase Holistics and a data warehouse
  • Hire data analysts
  • Get one engineer to set up connections between Holistics, your data sources, and your data warehouse.
  • Everything is done. Your analysts are productive immediately.
    Your business gets answers today.

    Total Cost of Ownership: about $70,000+ a year (2 tools + analyst salaries)

    Time taken: 1 week.
A radically simplified approach to analytics

We looked into a number of business intelligence tools before choosing Holistics as our go-to platform for analyzing and sharing company data reports, due to its deceptive ease of use, customizable filters, efficiency, scalability, and affordability for growing companies.

-- Conor McLaughlin, co-founder 99.co

Conor McLaughlin, 99.co

Total Data Team Productivity

One of the most powerful benefits of Holistics is that it increases your data team's total productivity. Because everything is centrally managed, you never have to hunt for answers across multiple tools.

Holistics also gives business users the ability to self-serve reports and dashboards. This increases the total output of your analytics team, and makes your entire company less reliant on the data team's availability.

For reports that are consumed on a regular basis, business users no longer need to come to us for reports; they can get the reports from Holistics and gain insights from it straight away.

— Jacob Eyo, Shopback

Total Data Team Productivity

How Can Holistics Be So Performant?

In the past, analytics teams needed to purchase multiple tools and hire data engineers in order to construct carefully designed data sets for performance reasons.

Holistics is able to sidestep this requirement by working on top of modern, massively parallel processing data warehouses. By utilising the power of such modern data warehouses, Holistics is able to replace many aspects of the traditional business intelligence stack with a single tool.

This results in radical productivity gains for your team.

Don't buy or integrate a separate ETL pipeline tool, a data modeling tool, and a visualization tool. Instead, buy one tool, leverage the power of MPP data warehouses, and start delivering business value immediately.

How Can Holistics Be So Performant?

What if Holistics Doesn't Cover All Our Use Cases?

The answer is simple: Holistics has no lock-in because it works on top of your data warehouse. You may always add more tools later.

The majority of our customers use Holistics to start delivering business answers from day one. If they later decide to grow their data infrastructure, they may always build custom data tools, hire data engineers or procure other vendors to work on top of their data warehouse with complete ease.

What if Holistics Doesn't Cover All Our Use Cases?

Won't Data Warehousing Costs Be More Expensive?

Nope! Cloud-based data warehousing solutions charge by usage, so you only pay what you use. This is much cheaper than paying up-front for a traditional data warehouse.

In addition, the total cost of ownership for your data analytics nearly always goes down, because the need for data engineering goes down. Many of our customers tell us that they've reduced the number of data engineers they've needed to hire after purchasing Holistics.

The reason? Holistics empowers your data analysts to aggregate, model, and transform data by themselves. They no longer have to block on requests to a data engineering team. Once your team has set up Holistics with your data sources and a single data warehouse, your analysts are set up to deliver business value on their own.

Won't Data Warehousing Costs Be More Expensive?

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