Help your business users create their own charts in 5 mins. Without writing SQL

Holistics is designed to help you move your company towards self-service.

You shouldn't expect your business users to learn SQL. And you shouldn't expect your data analysts to become English-to-SQL translators. Holistics helps you with both.

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What makes Holistics different?

Many Business Intelligence tools are built for those who can write SQL. But there aren’t as many designed for business people who don’t know SQL.

At Holistics, we are obsessed with designing for both users. We empower business users to get the data they need. But we do this while keeping data teams productive, and in control.

Want to use SQL? That’s cool. Or not? That’s cool too.

Here’s how we do it.

Define Metrics Once, Use Everywhere

You shouldn't copy and paste SQL definitions everywhere. In Holistics, data analysts define business metrics once, in a semantic data modeling layer. Those metrics are then used to create reports everywhere.

Need to update your metrics? We've got you covered: all reports are updated automatically once you change your metric definitions. Stop repeating yourself — you deserve better.

Do Less Work

Ad-hoc data questions make up the bulk of any data team's workload.

With Holistics, your business users are able to create their own reports, which means you get to focus on the 30% of questions that truly need your SQL powers. Stop being an English-to-SQL translator. Help your business users help themselves.

Bend Holistics to Your Needs

Holistics is flexible and easy to use, suitable for companies at all stages of data maturity.

We built Holistics to fit into your processes, so you can serve your business users faster and better. Let business users create their own notifications. Or give them dashboards they can filter or drill-down to heart's content!

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Because Data Team Is Not An IT Help Desk

Fewer ad-hoc data questions. Happier data teams. All starts with Holistics .

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