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Realize the value of your software’s data. Be it automating KPI metrics for investor self-service, tracking your business funnels, integrating data from your various apps into your database or building customized MRR dashboards using your CRM data. There’s a reason why the majority of Holistics customers’ are startups, and love us!



Digital natives need tools that are digital first. From conversion rates, order values to revenue trends, Holistics empowers your ground operations teams with a zero-learning curve to access the most current data from your various apps and sources, and allows simplified management of permission controls and data access for your distributed teams across any corner of the globe.



Holistics takes your retail business into the cloud age, by automating your data operations. Access up-to-date sales and order reports on a daily or hourly basis, and not weekly. Automatically retrieve integrated data reports on your available stock, or schedule email deliveries for the data your suppliers want. Our fully flexible reporting puts the power of data in your hands.



A first-class data platform for a first-class travel experience provider. Be it consolidating your application generated data with spreadsheet data from your business teams, or tracking if your marketing performance is influencing your bookings trends, create a self-serve data experience that is as easy as using a world class travel app.



Move data as easily as moving your goods. Automatically calculate metrics of your shipping and delivery times from your database data. Track your fulfillment measure and warehouse capacity from your mobile phone, wherever you are!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Holistics store my data?

We know your database contains your most sensitive data, which is why Holistics is designed to work directly with your database, and not store any of your database data.

I work for a big enterprise. How difficult is it for me to plan and budget for what I need?

We can work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and use case. Simply contact us and we can work out a simplified pricing model customized to your needs!

Is Holistics a cloud-based or on-premise solution?

Holistics is a fully cloud-based one-stop business intelligence and extract, transform and load (ETL) software solution, which allows you to move, merge and query your marketing, operations, customer data and more, straight from your reporting database using SQL.

Does Holistics offer white label analytics and OEM embedded dashboards?

Yes. You can contact us here, to discuss how that can be done.

Supported Databases

Holistics works seamlessly with the following databases

Amazon Redshift
SQL Server
Google BigQuery
Amazon Athena

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