Holistics Report

Create reports with dynamic SQL queries

Accept user inputs as parameters into your report SQL query


Holistics reports allows your users to access any data-sets they need without raising a new data request. Each report is made up of a dynamic query that can provide thousands of data-sets permutations for your users to access the data they need.

A Holistics report can either be viewed on its own, or be included as a sub-report in a dashboard. You can also schedule reports to be emailed to you automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can also set up specific alert thresholds to notify you of changes in your data.
Filters to customize any data-sets you need
Add various fields to your report to make it easy for you to filter the data you need. Any inputs they into your SQL queries either as parameters or syntax to generate dynamic real-time operational reports. This lets you provide thousands of data-set permutations for your users to access.
Date Fields
Easily set default date values to load (3 weeks ago, last monday, yesterday) upon.
Text Fields
Flexibility to filter your records by fuzzy search or regular expressions.
Dropdown Fields
Populate drop-down filters dynamically from your database table, a custom SQL query, or keying in them in directly.
List Fields
Enter in thousands of records to filter your data. Saves time from selecting multiple selection of records.