Business Dashboards

Dashboards group multiple reports and metrics into a single page . You can share your dashboards with internal user groups, or set up private shareable links for external parties to access without the need to login. You can also schedule emails to be sent to anybody on any schedules you like - Monthly, weekly, daily or even every 10 minutes.
Marketplace Dashboard demo

Accessing Your Dashboard

Access your data from your browser, email or big screen devices. Share dashboards easily with internal users and user groups, or set up shareable links for your investors or external partners. You can even easily embed Holistics dashboards in your own application.
Schedule Emails to your inbox
Email your dashboard to any recipients any hour, day, week, monthly intervals at your preferred time! You can also choose the specific sub-reports that you liked emailed to you. You can even schedule it to be sent to it you at 10 minutes intervals!
setting up dashboard email schedule
dashboard access control
Powerful Access Control
Share different dashboards for different users, user groups and departments. Set up the same dashboard to show different records for different user/groups profiles on a data level.
Show TV Monitor Screens in Auto-Refresh Mode
TV mode presents operational dashboards on display screens and set an auto-refresh schedule interval of your liking, ranging from every day, every hour or as often as 10 minutes intervals!
Dashboard auto-refresh mode
Shareable Links
Shareable links lets you share dashboards to external stakeholders who only needs a specific sub-set of your data.
dashboard sharable link
Embeded Dashboards
Embed Dashboards into your application
Embedding our dashboard into your application cuts down your development time building a separate reporting or dashboard module. Easily configure your dashboard such that each of your customers

Customizing your dashboard

Apply Any Mix of Local and Shared Filters
Dashboard filters
Edit shared filters
Local filters
Get insights on your business performance with Metrics
Metrics helps you compare how your key business metric performs between your current and previous time period.

Organizing your dashboard

Contextual Text Widgets
Text Widgets adds more context to the data in your dashboard, helping you explain how to interpret the charts or reports. Write your text in Markdown and resize/move them anywhere!
Markdown text widget
Text widget