Holistics' Features

Come battery-included with powerful functionalities that enable a truly self-service experience for teams.

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Data Visualization & Reporting

Visualize and have a high-level view of your data

Interactive Dashboard

Monitor and analyze key metrics with Filters, Drill-through, Exploration, Date Drill and Cross-filtering. Learn more.

Self-service Exploration

Explore data with drag-and-drop interface. Learn more.


View reports directly on your mobile devices (mobile web). Learn more.

Complex Visualizations

Metric Sheets, Geo Maps, Retention Heatmap and Conversion Funnel.

Report Export

Export reports as tabular data (CSV, Excel) and PDF.

Smart Timezone

Automatically convert datetime values to your business timezone or user's local timezone. Learn more.

Data Delivery

Share insights with stakeholders with a single click

Shareable Links

Share direct, password-protected reports to external partners. Learn more.

Send reports via Email

Deliver reports and dashboards directly to stakeholders mailbox. Learn more.

Post to Slack

Get instant message insights via Slack. Learn more.

Push to Google Sheets

Automatically push data to Google Sheets for further analysis.

Push to Cloud Storage Engine

Push reports to SFTP, Azure Storage and S3 periodically. Learn more.

Data Modeling

Centralize business logic and metrics with unified as-code semantic layer

Data Modeling

Pre-define metrics and calculations, mapping the business logic to data logic. Learn more.

Data Transform

Transform data into reusable data models (materialized views) for consistency and better performance.

Data Catalog

Centralize all data definitions for a whole company.

Data Lineage

Get an unified and continuous high-level view of how your data flows from sources to insights.

Automation & Developer Productivity

Apply software engineering best practices into your data analytics stack

As-code Data Modeling

Use our custom DSL language to define your data modeling logic. Learn more.

(Coming soon)

Version Control

Commit your analytics code to Git. Track and manage analytics changes over time.

(Coming soon)


Integrate analytics with your build system for better data quality.

(Coming soon)

API as first-class citizen

First-class API support. Flexibility to integrate Holistics with your workflow.

(Coming soon)


Command-line tools to pull data and trigger jobs.

Interactive SQL Editor

Simply run SQL queries for adhoc analysis with our powerful autocompletion.


Keep your team up to date and be automatically notified of data irregularities. Learn more.

User Access Control

Simplify and improve data security across your company

User Roles and Groups

Control which actions users are allowed to perform in Holistics.

Resource Access Control

Control who get access to specific reports and data sources. Learn more.

Row-level Permission

Restrict the display data available to different users. Learn more.

Column-level Permission

Allow sensitive data columns to only a certain group of users. Learn more.

Security & Administration

Other settings for better administration

Monitoring & Debugging

Monitor and troubleshoot job issues.

Custom SSO

Allow users to access multiple applications through a single login.

Google Login

Log in to Holistics by Google Account.

Two-factor Login

Set up an extra layer of security for your analytics account.

Client Reporting

Give your clients all the insights they need

Embedded Analytics

Embed Holistics charts directly to your application. Learn more.

White Label

Deliver reports and dashboards directly to stakeholders mailbox.

Row-level Permission

Restrict the display data available to different users.


Dig deeper into your reports to discover insights.

Report Export

Export reports as Excel and CSV.