Anyone in your company can build their own reports in just 15 mins, with no help from data analyst

Holistics is a self-service BI platform that allows everyone in the company to answer their own data questions.
Technical users can set up the Holistics Data Modelling layer to give users in any departments the granularity they want. Business users drag-and-drop and create their reports easily, without writing a single line of code.

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Holistics vs Tableau

Feature Holistics Tableau
Pricing and Budget
Pricing suitable for Provide collaborative company wide analytics. Ideal for companies of under 100 people Large enterprises above 100 people (min 100 viewers) or for individual data team members
What you can purchase with $100/mth budget 10 users and 50 Reports Single Data Analyst
What you can purchase with $250/mth budget 20 users and 150 Reports 3 Analysts (Min Number of Explorers = 5)
What you can purchase with $500/mth budget 20 users with unlimited reports 5 Analysts and 5 Explorers, or 1 Analyst and 12 Explorers
Monthly or yearly payment Both monthly and yearly plan available. Yearly plan at 20% discount off monthly plans. Only yearly plan available
Focused on DataOps-first approach towards analytics workflows Data Visualization and Interactivity first approach towards analytics
Report Creation done via Cloud; 100% browser-based, works perfectly on all OS (Mac, Linux, Windows) It’s largely desktop based than browser-based. You cannot create your reports without installing Tableau on your computer.
Works well with data sources that are Cloud SQL databases(s) Desktop Spreadsheets, SQL, and a large number of application connectors
Variety of visualizations All basic chart types including maps with basic customization options Large variety of data visualization types that are highly interactive and beautiful in nature
Data Dictionary and Relationships
Data Modeling and Transformation
User experience designed for SQL Analysts who prefers to build data models and transformations with SQL instead of GUI Non-technical business analysts who prefers a GUI-first (non-SQL) towards building data models and transformations
Approach towards Data Modeling Data models designed to be built with a first-class SQL experience approach
Easy access to underlying SQL of all data models provide visibility on how they are created
Models designed for non-technical business analyst to be built using data modeling GUI
Semi-opaque behind the scenes data modeling approach
Data Preparation Workflows setup via Data preparation done via the automatic execution of SQL transforms models (including materialized views). Data Preparation prepared through configuring data workflows via a GUI (Tableau data preparation, purchased separately)
Cloud SQL editor Write and test SQL queries quickly with Holistics in-built cloud SQL editor Typically requires a separate SQL editor software outside Tableau to test and run queries
Skillsets needed for Data Modeling Anyone can use Holistics as long as they know how to write SQL queries, without extension engineering knowledge Needs Tableau developer skill-sets to use it well
Typically requires technical DBA to setup and prepare database table for querying"
Data Delivery to external stakeholders
Shareable links, without any login (Restrict views to specific email addresses), with password protection and permission control Shareable links can be created and shared easily to external stakeholders without a Holistics user account To view dashboards online, viewers need to login with their own account.
Automatic email delivery Email schedules can be created to send to any number of recipients, including non-Holistics user Email schedules is only available to Tableau users on self-service basis, and not available to external stakeholders.
Automated slack schedules Available natively within Holistics Need 3rd party integration
Google sheet export (Automatic) Available natively within Holistics Need 3rd party integration
SFTP export schedule Available natively within Holistics Need 3rd party integration
Availability of Embedded Dashboards Priced by Concurrent Workers (Unlimited viewers and view count) Embedded users are priced by user count

Why companies are making the switch from Tableau to Holistics

100% Cloud-based

For Tableau, you need to install on your computer before you can create dashboards and export the dashboards to the cloud.

Holistics allow anyone in your company to access their reports/dashboards anywhere, with no installment in your computer.

In Tableau, users are required to have login using their Tableau account to access and view data. This is cumbersome if you’ve many users or external stakeholders viewing the reports.

In Holistics, users can create shareable links and share data/reports easily with external stakeholders via automatic email/Slack delivery.

Safe and secured, with password protection.

No account needed. No additional cost for viewers.

Self-service analytics: a tool that both technical users and non-technical can use

In Holistics, data analysts can do their analysis by writing SQL queries while non-technical users can use our drag-and-drop UI/UX to explore the data by themselves, without writing a single line of code.

In Tableau, if you don’t have a big data team, business users would face difficulties in getting data and making fast decisions. Holistics empower business users to create their own reports, without asking for help from analysts. Reduce time-to-insights by 50%.

Maintain your ETL and reports/dashboards in a no-fuss way

Tableau users typically need to do lots of technical database administration work.

Holistics enable data analysts to set up basic ETL and data transformation workflows, without assistance from the engineering team.

With Holistics Data Modelling layer, data analysts can give users in any departments the granularity they want. They just need to do this setup ONE time, and all the reports/dashboards will be updated automatically. No more manual work and redo.

Unlike Tableau, we save you money from hiring someone dedicated to maintain the dashboards.

Empower business users to create their reports, without asking for help from analysts

Reduce time-to-insights by 50%

Start your free 14-day trial

Risk-free. We don’t store your data and no credit card required.

Hear from others who made the switch from Tableau to Holistics

Noustique Perfumes

Noustique Perfumes is a fragrance startup, based in Spain, with their flagship store in Paris, France.

Noutstique originated from a collaboration between BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Europe’s #1 home appliance manufacturer, and Puig, a global leader in fragrance. They made it possible for everyone to create their own unique fragrance at home.

Our greatest challenge is everything had to go through the data analyst using Tableau. Anybody wanted any kind of metrics were not able to do it themselves.

Tableau is not only about SQL, it’s also about learning the tool itself, having the software installed in your computer. But once the models are built in Holistics, you know, we’re not really that on top of the tool, because the tool is working automatically, we don’t have to do much after that.

The biggest thing for me is that business users feel much more empowered using Holistics than Tableau.

Albert Casademont, Head of IT

Albert Casademont, Head of IT


Qoala is a disruptive insurtech company that uses big data, machine learning, IoT and the blockchain to revolutionize the insurance landscape in Indonesia. They’ve raised $13.5 million in its Series A financing round.

The best feature we found in Holistics is the ability to centralize all the information, which means that we can stream information from any kind of source and put it under one dashboard or report. With this, we can easily ingest the data and deliver the report or dashboard with ease.

Insan Ramadhan, Data Team Manager

Insan Ramadhan, Data Team Manager

Read more on how Qoala centralize all their data sources to keep track of their KPIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any company, from early-stage startups to large enterprise, looking to decentralize data access and want to implement self-service analytics will be successful with Holistics.

That being said, we came up with a 8-point checklist. If any of the following 7 items appeal to you, then you should not buy Holistics.
  1. You value data visualization only, and not the entire data pipeline, and how your data operations work with the rest of the departments.
  2. You want simple summarized reports only.
  3. You are looking for on-premise solution and you don’t want a cloud solution.
  4. You’re looking for a data visualization tool, and not a BI and analytics tool.
  5. You don’t have a SQL data warehouse and have no plan of getting one.
  6. You don’t need to know the context of the underlying data, and you don’t need to ask deeper questions about your business.
  7. You have simple datasets that doesn’t require any cleaning or joining at all.
  8. You don’t need a holistic tool, for both front-end visualization and backend ETL.
We support all major SQL databases. Check them out here:

Other data sources that we support:

If we’re not supporting your data sources, you can use StitchData or Fivetran to put your data into your data warehouse.
Yes, we have a number of customers who don’t have any data analyst in their company. As long as you know how to write SQL queries, you can get started easily and set everything up by yourself, and let the business users create their own dashboards.
Yes, Holistics makes an excellent complement to Tableau.

Grab, a ride-hailing unicorn startup in Southeast Asia, valued at USD14 billion (as of 2020), with more than 2000 employees, has been using Holistics alongside with Tableau. They use Tableau for data visualization and Holistics for data operations and data workflows.
Many cool features coming up! We constantly update our product to keep it up-to-date and competitive. You can see our past and upcoming product releases in our Release Notes.
Yes. Read more about our GDPR Statement
We also have a standard Data Privacy Agreement provided upon request, please contact us for more information.
Although we’re based in Singapore (Asia), the majority of our customers are in US and Europe. Despite the time zone difference, Customer Support has been among our most praised qualities from our customers.

Because Data Team Is Not IT Help Desk

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