Growth Hustler

Holistics is a business intelligence software company. Our software help SQL analysts build insightful dashboards, and help data teams automate their entire data pipeline (ETL) and preparation process. Some of our customers include Grab, Traveloka, ShopBack, 99co, KFIT, Kaodim and Tech-in-Asia!

We’re growing rapidly and looking for growth hustlers and hackers to join us. The position is based in Singapore, you’ll work directly with our CEO and CTO to devise and execute growth plans.

Growth hustler

About Us

Started in late 2015, within over a year, we’ve processed and delivered over 2.5M insights to our customers.

Our founders are young sales hustlers and 10x engineers who have worked for IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, and other successful startups (acquired). They have built data platforms that processed over 100M data points a month. Read a BigData presentation that our CTO gave at Echelon Vietnam 2016.

“We had tried using many and more well-known platforms, but in the end chose Holistics as our go-to platform for analyzing and sharing company data reports due to its deceptive ease of use, customizable filters, efficiency, and scalability.” - happy customer

Why Join Us?

What You Will Be Doing

As a Growth Hustler, your primary goal is to deliver business growth through leading and joining projects related to customer acquisition, on-boarding, retention, and virality.

  • Optimize our trial conversion process by collaborating with our engineers
  • Build your case for growth projects and monitor your growth returns
  • Study data industry trends and establish yourself as a thought leader in the community
  • Design and execute repeatable sales processes and execute them
  • Identify ways to reduce growth leakage through improving retention

What We Look For In You

You are a rainmaker who makes things happen, or a reliable team player that can help your team execute their initiatives to completion. Our team possess a mix of some of the following skill-sets, and work together to drive project outcomes together!

We like you to leverage on your experience, skills and perspectives in at least 2 of the following:

  • Digital Marketing: You ran digital marketing campaigns and understand how different tools fits into an overall demand generation strategy.
  • Sales Sense: You make sharp assessments on prospects and customers, and am able to find out their underlying concerns or motivations from their behavior and responses.
  • Content: You can adapt your writing to appeal to different audiences and personas in technical, business and media.
  • Design: Besides knowing bad design when you see one, you are able to roll up your sleeves and design creative visuals or infographics to market our content better.
  • Analytical: You know the right metrics to track and measure to track project progress, and how to convert data to get the answers and insights you need.
  • Product Sense: You have a sharp eye for software design and can quickly mock-up wireframes and workflows that makes sense from a prospect evaluating the software.
  • Technical Skills: You know how to code and can deploy simple commits or changes without the need to involve an experienced engineer.

We don’t expect you to be a super all-rounder with all the above skills, we want to know your skills-mix, and how you think they can fit with ours.

Bonus: If you have previous experience in any of the following, you will get up to speed pretty easily with what we are doing:

  • SQL, Python or any BI/analytics tools
  • Domain knowledge in data space as a data analysts, engineers and scientists
  • Sales or Marketing Roles in B2B SaaS