Modern BI Platform for Analytics Engineers

Holistics lets you define analytics logic using code, and check them into Git version control. Perform analytics code reviews before deploying to production.

Bringing Software Engineering best practices to Analytics Development.

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Out with the old. In with the new.

Using software engineering best practices in analytics, you can minimize maintenance work. And spend your time on what matters the most.

Build a data ecosystem and advance data analytics in your company.

Traditional BI Tools Modern BI for Analytics Engineers

Many people are working on the dashboards at once. When the dashboards are broken, you don't know who make those changes.

Eliminate single points of failure. No more broken dashboards. Always reversible with Git Version Control.

Code scattered across different tools? Losing data and knowledge when people leave the company?

Store all your code in Github, the central repository of your code and definitions.

Using the GUI, you're clicking too much and doing lots of repetitive work.

Build data models and datasets in code once. Reuse them, copy and paste the code everywhere.

Reacting to dashboard outrages? You only know what to fix when things are broken.

Be proactive rather than reactive. Experiment, test before deployment, merge pull requests, approve reviews. Pass test. Click deploy.


Analytics As-code

Your entire data system can be serialized into code. Back up that code, and let it sit independently in Github. Easily debug and troubleshoot when things go wrong.

Build reusable analytics components

Having different databases with the same infrastructures and metric definitions? No more duplicated work. Do it programmatically in Holistics.

Just build the data models and datasets once. Use it everywhere.

Build reusable analytics components

Git Version control

No more unexpected broken dashboards. Version control your models, datasets, and dashboards.

Through Git version controls: pull requests, protected branches, and merging into masters.

No more waiting, anyone can propose a change through pull requests. Maximize the ability to collaborate.

Git Version control

dbt Integration

Holistics integrates with your favorite transformation tool, dbt. Seamless workflow between dbt and the BI layer.

dbt Integration

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Hear what customers say about us

Our greatest challenge is everything had to go through the data analyst using Tableau. Anybody wanted any kind of metrics were not able to do it themselves.

Tableau is not only about SQL, it's also about learning the tool itself, having the software installed in your computer. But once the models are built in Holistics, you know, we're not really that on top of the tool, because the tool is working automatically, we don't have to do much after that.

The biggest thing for me is that business users feel much more empowered using Holistics than Tableau.

Albert Casademont, Head of IT


Bringing Software Engineering best practices to Analytics Development

Not just Analytics Engineering. We can help you with more.

Self-service BI

Want to empower your non-technical users to create their own charts without writing SQL or going to your data team?

Data Sharing

Share your data securely with your internal teams or external clients. Via email, Slack, CSV/Excel/PDF, and shareable link.

Embedded Analytics

Create dashboards once, tweak and reuse them everywhere. Embed it within your app, within internal pages, it's all up to you.

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This functionality is currently in private beta. Sign up for the waitlist!

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our servers are hosted with reputable data center providers:
- Our Asia-Pacific servers are located in Singapore
- Our Europe servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany (currently in closed Beta)
- Our US servers are located in San Francisco (currently in closed Beta)
Holistics support SQL databases like BigQuery, Snowflake, PostgrelSQL etc. Please check this page for a comprehensive list.
Holistics is intuitive, both technical and non-technical people can pick it up pretty fast.

For Data Consumers: zero learning curve. They can create their own charts and dashboards without writing SQL, using a drag-and-drop interface.

For Data/technical teams: just SQL knowledge is needed in terms of skills.
Holistics has been in the market since 2015, and we've over 300 customers worldwide.
Check out this page for the latest update on our roadmap.
Yes. Read more about our GDPR Statement.

We also have a standard Data Privacy Agreement provided upon request, please email [email protected] for more information.
We engage a US vendor, Vanta, to provide our customers or companies evaluating our software with a live up-to-date report on our SOC2 compliance. Their assessment can be found in the link below: http://r.holistics.io/soc2live

Email: your email
Password: LAn8Yta30QAe
While we’re based in Singapore, the majority of our customers are in US and Europe. And despite the timezone difference, our Customer Support has been among our most praised qualities from our customers.

*“It’s very easy to use…. the responsive rate for support is very helpful.” - Ethan, Data Analyst at Piktochart