Our View on AI

In our recent posts, LLM is not enough and AI-guided Self-service, we’ve discussed our belief in the transformative power of AI, particularly LLMs, to change self-service analytics drastically. However, it’s not a simple plug-and-play integration, it’s more than just throwing a ChatGPT UI into the app. There are significant challenges to ensure reliability, accuracy, and governance. This requires not just a well-designed interface, but also a robust data infrastructure, including a semantic layer.

That’s why we’ve prioritized foundational components like our As-code Semantic Layer and Canvas Dashboard to enable transparency and credibility. Now that these foundational pieces are in place, we are confident to invest further in AI functionalities, leveraging the efficiency of the latest LLM models.

At our core, we believe that AI is here not to replace but to enhance the roles within the analytics workflow. By leveraging AI, we empower everyone to work more efficiently while ensuring accuracy and governance. This enables organizations to make better data-informed decisions and drive meaningful outcomes.

Why Holistics AI

Improved Efficiency

Improved Efficiency

Boost productivity for everyone from data users to business users, spanning from data modeling to data consumption.

Transparency and Credibility

Transparency and Credibility

All AI-generated outputs are transparent and debug-able with our robust as-code infrastructure.

Powerful Semantic Layer

Powerful Semantic Layer

Our semantic layer offers a higher level of data abstraction for the LLM to ensure governance.

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Our Roadmap for Reporting and Self-Service

Empower business users to self-serve more effectively with our governed dataset and dashboard exploration mechanisms.

AI-based Search

Est. 2024 Q3

Business users can answer ad-hoc data questions based on selected metrics and dimensions.

Dashboard Generator

Est. 2024 Q3

Business users can generate dashboards quickly themselves from a prompt.

Data Exploration Co-pilot

Est. TBD

Enhance business user engagement by recommending appropriate datasets, visualizations, and dashboards. This feature also allows users to follow up on the insights they discover.

Our Roadmap for Data Modeling Development

Assist data teams in developing data models and metrics faster and with less effort.

Generate AQL Metrics

Est. TBD

Boost data teams’ productivity and adoption by generating AQL metrics based on their natural language inputs.

AI-gen Metadata

Est. TBD

Automatically generate data modeling metadata to reduce data analyst workload and enhance data consumability.

Frequently Asked Questions

To join our beta program for Holistics AI, please visit the following link: Join our waitlist. We will notify you once the beta is ready.
To provide Holistics AI functionality, we share your modeling metadata with third-party AI providers while you use the AI features. Rest assured, these providers or contractors are not permitted to use your data for training their models, and we do not utilize the AI inputs and results from our customers to enhance our service.
Currently, we use Open AI API, adhering to their policy of not utilizing prompts or any inputs as training data. Additionally, we are experimenting with other models to identify those that offer the best performance and user experience.
We haven't finalized the pricing model yet. However, Holistics AI could potentially be purchased as an add-on and will be based on customer usage.