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The 4 Basic SQL Commands: SQL Basics 101

The 4 Basic SQL Commands: SQL Basics 101

Fear not data traveller, though the data landscape may seem wild and treacherous, we will help you, young padawan, to navigate the very beginnings of a life-long quest for analytical excellence.

These four basic SQL commands will aid you in your many battles with the legendary Big Data, always remember your training and come back to these first principles.

  • Summoning an entire table (SELECT * FROM TABLE)
  • Invoking columns from a table (SELECT columnX, columnY FROM TABLE)
  • Calling only your chosen rows that meet your requirements (WHERE conditions)
  • Binding tables together as one (JOIN statements)
Evan Tan

Evan Tan

Chief of Staff at Holistics Software, researcher of human nature. Data geek, music lover and advocate for the future of Southeast Asia.

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