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Automating Email Reports And Marketing Operations With AppsFlyer Data: Holistics X AppsFlyer Data Masterclass (Holistics Crash Course #5)

Your marketing team has tons of useful data from your mobile app for tracking and attribution. In this webinar, we show how Holistics and AppsFlyer, lets you work with these raw datasets, to automate email reporting and develop data-driven marketing operations,

Automating Email Reports And Marketing Operations With AppsFlyer Data: Holistics X AppsFlyer Data Masterclass (Holistics Crash Course #5)

Your marketing team has tons of useful data from your mobile app. How can you use this to automate email reports on schedules to the teams that needs this data, build up self-service marketing operations access to your database, and merge this with the rest of your company’s datasets? These are some essential steps to giving your team on-demand access to information and a single view of the data they need, what many call being data-driven.

AppsFlyer is a leading mobile app measuring and attribution platform for marketing analytics. Using the Holistics data platform for fully flexible and automated data reporting and operations, we can take data generated by AppsFlyer together with other data sources and datasets in your organization, to build truly data-driven marketing operations.

For those who missed out on our webinar session, here is a quick recap. A big thank you to Mark van der Maas from AppsFlyer for joining us as our guest speaker!

Data Processes Are A Key Differentiator, But It's Difficult To Realize Value

Business Intelligence has been identified as one of the main differentiating technologies across many companies. However data from different sources can be very disjointed and challenging to work with. Some studies have summarized the challenge as follows:

Data produced X Data talent = Effectiveness of Data

The Data Challenge

The data challenge facing many companies has a circular nature, which can either compound for the better or worse over time. Marketing data is a crucial component of an organization that is effectively using data, for monitoring and measuring events such as attribution, acquisition, conversion and more.

To understand this cycle, consider this: Relevant data from different sources needs to extracted by skilled data analysts. Good analysts are dependent on the right data tools to create valuable business reports. Business reports are a product of the internal company processes which determines what data is being generated, what tools are selected and what data talent gets hired, creating a feedback loop that is dependent upon the initial conditions behind the company's design of its data processes.

Access To Both Aggregated And Raw Mobile Marketing Analytics Datasets, With AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer provides a comprehensive overview of your various marketing channels, along with installations of your mobile app, as well as measuring events that take place on these various digital interfaces. A big advantage of the AppsFlyer platform is its ability to grant you access to the underlying raw data that drives and informs its aggregated dashboards and reports, as well as being able to send data to platforms such as Google and Facebook, to be able to further enrich the data that is being generated by these systems and passed back into AppsFlyer, for you to access at will.

Using Holistics To Analyze And Integrate Raw Data With Your Other Data Sources

Visualizing data and interacting with dashboards is actually only the tip of the iceberg, the bulk of the work goes into preparing data, integrating data from various sources and developing a coherent data workflow that can be automated.

Using AppsFlyer data as an example, we show you how Holistics can extract and manipulate AppsFlyer data to address questions not covered by the aggregated dashboards in AppsFlyer, and how data from different data sources can be joined together inside Holistics, by building a User Mapping Table to associate different datasets with each other.

These assembled datasets can then be turned into highly useful reports for your teams, and can be delivered automatically to their inbox as email reports, or even as alerts on Slack, to facilitate information dissemintation and wider access to data for your team to function more independently.

  • Example 1: Which users made a purchase on my application, and what mobile device were they using?
  • Example 2: What was the time-to-purchase of my users, from the time they installed the application?
  • Example 3: As the marketing team lead, I want to know how successful my offline interactions are in driving online engagement on my platform. How can I connect AppsFlyer data with my customer relationship management (CRM) data, to see which offline event attendees went on to use my app online?

Often times, we are limited by the platforms we use, which impose a black box without giving access to the raw data that we have helped to produce. Using services such as Holistics and AppsFlyer, we can overcome these limitations, and arrive at our desired results in an interative, and at times creative, way.

Holistics provides you with a complete tool to work across the full data pipeline and at all scales. Don't be afraid to start off more manually at first if need be, in order to work with the raw data you have at your disposal, and build in automation eventually once the value of your data reports and assets have been validated.

Webinar Details

Session Agenda (Past Event): Friday, 5 October, 9.30am GMT+8 (Singapore)

  • 5 mins: Welcome and Introduction
  • 50 mins: AppsFlyer and Holistics Use-case Showcase
  • 5 mins: Q&A

Content outline:

  • Importing AppsFlyer data into a reporting database, for custom measures and insights.
  • Merging AppsFlyer mobile marketing data with sales CRM data for analytics of online and offline activity.

What Is Holistics?

Holistics is a cloud business intelligence platform that lets you automate your data operations. Companies use Holistics to automate each step of the business intelligence process, from merging and preparing raw database data to SQL reports and insight delivery. Data professionals work more independently, and business users enjoy a zero learning curve.

  • Automate and schedule data reports via email and Slack.
  • Allow anyone to set-up and perform data engineering tasks, without needing to write a single line of code.
  • Build your data reports only once, which will then automatically get updated with the latest data whenever the report is accessed.

What Is AppsFlyer?

AppsFlyer helps App-Developers, Brands and Ad-Agencies measure and optimize their users' acquisition funnel. In other words, AppsFlyer helps Mobile App marketers understand their success when driving loyal users to install their app.