Release Notes

Product updates from Holistics team

  • Change: Users Now Can Export Reports Directly

    Instead of user waiting for report to return results to export, now user can export report result directly, save them a lot of time waiting!

  • Change: Option When Creating Table in Data Transform

    We added a new option in data transform, where you can specify an extra option to customize for table creation.

    This is useful, for example, when you want to set some other tablespace of your table:

    CREATE TABLE some_table(
      foo varchar,
      bar int
    ) TABLESPACE fast_sdd;

  • New Feature: Cohort Retention Supports Both Absolute and Percentage Values

    Cohort Retention provides you a toggle for you to switch between numerical and percentage display values based on the cohort size. It will automatically calculate percentage values based on Cohort Size rather than doing it manually via SQL.

    Learn More

  • New Feature: Export to Google Sheet

    We now support exporting data from a report to a Google Sheet. Learn More

  • New Feature: Report Explorer

    With the new Report Explorer panel, you can quickly view and switch between your reports and report categories

  • Change: Enhanced Query Editing Experience

    We greatly enhanced our query editing experience. Now you can see all your run queries, and pin them in the right panel.

  • New Feature: Support AWS Athena

    We now support AWS Athena source. You can now use SQL to analyze logs, and other files on your S3. Please see our setup guide.

  • Change: Holistics v2.0

    We just revamp Holistics navigation system including swift page transition, no page reload, and faster page load time.

  • New Feature: Upload CSV

    In additional to the CLI option, we now support uploading CSV directly from our webapp.

  • New Feature: Allow quick visualization of adhoc query results

    Along with table data, adhoc query results now can be displayed as charts for better data visualization.

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