Explore Report Results For Data Driven Business Users

Holistics Explore Result gives business users the power to easily pivot data and build charts off your existing Holistics reports.

No need for writing SQL queries or asking your data analyst and team for help, now you have the power to work with your raw report datasets, directly. Just point-and-click your way to the precise view of your business data that you need!

Just point-and-click to build pivot tables and charts.

What Should You Use This For?

Let business users point-and-click to build pivot tables and charts, so they can easily explore and uncover insights from your report datasets, without having to know SQL.

Democratize data reporting access across your organization, so your whole team develops the data knowledge and skills they need to drive the business to new heights!

How It Works

Explore an existing Holistics report or chart: Simply open any existing Holistics report, and click on Explore Result at the top of the report.

Select Explore Result to begin building your own data views.

Point-and-click to pivot data and build charts: Select the columns you need from your report’s dataset, using our intuitive data editor panel, and build the pivot tables and chart views that you want!

Pivot any reports to group and display your chosen columns and values.

Easily assemble a pivot data table with a few clicks.

Add or drop the columns you want to feature in your chart visualization. More information on building charts with our visualization editor can be found here.

Explore your way to the charts you need.

Let your business users just point-and-click to build pivot tables and charts now!

Sign up for a free trial to add point-and-click data exploration and chart building data capabilities to your company now! Our easy to use Explore Result feature is another example of how the Holistics Data Platform makes working with data simple for fast-growing tech-driven teams and companies.