Schedule Email Reports

Holistics allow you to automatically and periodically schedule email reports (or dashboards) to be sent to your employees, customers or partners.

  • Sending Automated Email Reports Data To External Partners: Deliver daily, weekly email reports to your customers or partners, with each only able to see their own data!

  • Deliver Reports/Visualizations To Employees: Instead of asking your employees to open up Holistics/BI tool to check data every day, have the data delivered to them via email!

Automated Schedule Email Reports

How It Works

It’s really simple to schedule an email report or dashboard, simply click on Email Schedules in the report, and follow the instructions.

  • Report Variables: With each email, you can customize the different report variables, such as which date range to cover (yesterday, last 7 days, etc.), partner ID and so on.

  • Deliverable: The recipients will receive an email with the data table + chart + the CSV or Excel file that they can download.

  • Frequency: You can setup the emails to be sent daily, weekly, monthly, or even at 15 minutes to 12 hours intervals. Or you can toggle it such that it only sends an email when there are new results.

  • Custom Message: In addition, you can customize your email branding with your company logo and custom email message.

  • Delivery Failure: Holistics has an error-catching mechanism, so in case there’s an error in delivering the email (be it the report has failed, or email address not found), you will be immediately notified about this failure and can take necessary actions to resolve it.

Learn more about this feature in details in our email schedule docs, or Sign up for a free trial to experience it yourself.