Holistics API To Access SQL Reports With Python DataFrames

Holistics’ API and Python Package lets you programmatically access and trigger Holistics processes, such as retrieving filtered SQL report results as a Pandas DataFrame in Python.

What Should You Use This For?

Apply Python scripts and DataFrames to your SQL filtered datasets, getting the best of Python and SQL.

Extract, load and transform large datasets easily in Holistics, and access the results in Python with the Holistics API, for faster prototyping building data science models and passing of data into other applications.

How It Works

Enable API access and generate your API key: You have your Holistics report ready, it’s time to get the results in Python. Allow API access for your user account under Admin Management, and generate your API key. Remember to save your API key for future use, as this key will only be displayed once when you generate it, and will be masked out when you return to this screen again.

Generate your API key and save it.

Access your report data in Python: In Python, you can use pip to install the Holistics pacakage. Create a Holistics API object with your saved API key and Holistics platform URL.

You can now add your report ID (as found in the report URL) and filter values to your Python function. Run the function, and your report results will be saved as a DataFrame object.

Run the Holistics API function with its values and arguments, to retrieve your report results.

You can now access your Holistics report data in Python via API! For more information on other arguments accepted by Holistics’ Python package or other actions you can trigger by API, check out our API reference documentation here.

Access your report results as a Python Pandas DataFrame, and get the best of both SQL and Python in Holistics!

Get the best of both SQL and Python using the Holistics API now!

Sign up for a free trial to enable programmatic API data access capabilities to your company’s data stack now! Our versatile Holistics API feature is another example of how the Holistics Data Platform makes working with data easy, for fast-growing tech-driven companies and teams.