MongoDB Reporting And Analytics Made Easy

Mongodb etl dw

Our MongoDB reporting and extract, transform and load (ETL) feature in Holistics uses a simple three-step process that allows you to build automated SQL reports with your MongoDB data. Now you can easily create visualizations and write joins using SQL for your MongoDB data, together with essential data from other sources and databases.

What Should You Use This For?

Visualize Charts And Reports With MongoDB Data: Easily build tables with your MongoDB data inside your reporting database, to run automated SQL queries for visualizations and reports.

Write SQL Joins For Your MongoDB Data: Write joins using SQL for your MongoDB data, together with data from other sources and databases.

Merge MongoDB Data With Other Data Sources: Setup a Holistics Data Import job with just a few clicks, to move and combine your MongoDB data with data from other sources, all inside your reporting database.

How It Works

Connect Holistics to MongoDB: Provide your required MongoDB database details and validate your Holistics connection. You are now ready to move your MongoDB data into your connected SQL reporting database.

Connect to MongoDB

Configure and schedule A Data Import Job: Automate the ETL of your MongoDB data using the Holistics Data Imports feature, which will move data from MongoDB into your connected SQL reporting database, as a data table in the destination. During the import configurations, you can use MongoDB dot notation to pull out specific values you want, such as from a column that has data stored as JSON, for example.

Import data from MongoDB

Visualize MongoDB data with SQL queries: Run joins for your new MongoDB data table together with other data tables, to build your automated data objects such as reports/charts/metrics, as required.

Query MongoDB data

Easily query and automate reporting for your MongoDB data with Holistics

Sign up for a free trial to enable automated data reporting to your work capabilities now! Our simple MongoDB reporting soultion is another example of how the Holistics Data Platform makes data delivery quick and simple, for fast-growing tech-driven companies.