Automate Your KPI Metrics Sheets Reporting

Holistics Metric Sheets save you time from typing metrics from different data sources into a spreadsheet table for regular KPI reporting. Multiple metrics can be grouped together into a Metric Sheet (or KPI Spreadsheet), giving you a bird’s-eye view of all those metrics.

  • Investor Reporting: Impress your investors by making it easy for them to analyze your growth trends by any time period.
  • Management Reporting: Know the health for various aspects of your business real-time without spending time preparing it.
  • KPIs for Teams: Setup different metrics sheets to track progress of your company and team metrics.

You can add metrics to different metric sheets to share with different teams. They can view and download their metrics by any number of day, week, month or year intervals.

Read more about how Metrics Sheets is a game-changer for Aurora Health in this case-study.