Dashboards in Holistics

Holistics Dashboards make building metrics, charts and tables from your database automatic and simple, plus easy to share!

  • Give your viewers a complete picture, by providing precise measures and information using our wide variety of Holistics charts and metrics.

  • Easily slice and dice your data, using our high powered custom filters that allow your users to customize the data results they wish to retrieve.

  • Quickly assemble and export datasets, with our multiple dashboard sharing options such as via email, URL links and more, or by downloading the underlying data of your dashboard widgets as Excel or CSV files.

How It Works

Connect your data source: Provide the required details to connect your database to Holistics, to begin building dashboards from your database. For more details, refer to our documentation page on connecting your database.

Add dashboard filters and widgets: Simply select + New Dashboard, then select + Add Widget to add new or existing reports and metrics to your dashboard. Adding a new widget just takes a quick SQL query.

You can also add custom filters, to allow your users to pull up the dashboard views they want to see. More information on adding dashboard widgets and filters can be found here.

Share your dashboards and insights: Holistics dashboards can be shared via email, shareable unique URL links, as an embedded dashboard inside your own applications, and more!

Dashboard Features List

  • Reports and Charts: Visualize and access real-time data from your database online and filter the data you need to get insights and make decisions.

  • Metric Sheets: Metric Sheets helps you quickly glance at the most important metrics of your company and compare how they have performed over a time period of your choosing.

  • Custom Filters: Holistics filters make your dashboards dynamic, enabling customized values according to different user selections.

  • Access Permission Controls: Our flexible and powerful Permissions System allows you to customize access for your user groups at the level of reports, data sources and even records.

  • Email Schedules: Holistics Email Schedules allow you to automatically and periodically schedule email dashboards to be sent to to your employees, customers or partners.

  • Embedded Dashboards: Add custom dashboards to your own app. Each Holistics dashboard provides a secured iframe that can be embedded on any webpage.

  • Shareable Links: Shareable Links are unique URL links allowing you to share your dashboards with external stakeholders, partners and investors, for them to easily explore your creations!

  • Auto-Refresh Mode: When you want to project your dashboard onto a big-screen monitor to keep your team up to speed, Auto-Refresh Mode automatically updates your operational dashboards with the latest data, at a time interval of your choosing (minute, hourly basis, etc.)!

  • PDF Dashboard: You are able to Export/Email Schedule any Reports/Dashboards to PDF files. Support PDF format for: Email Schedule, Slack Schedule, Direct Export.

More details can be found here on our dashboards documentation page.