Operational Reports

Access real-time transactions and activity logs directly from your database in the specific format you need

Real-Time Data Records at your fingertips

Query fresh real-time data directly from any of your existing database. Holistics work without the need to store your data, so you can get started easily. Bypass the limit of other data tools by retrieving hundreds of thousands data records.

(Top) Enjoy the freedom to list hundreds of thousands of tabular records.

(right) Toggle your view to display detailed records in vertical rows view to save effort scrolling through long list of horizontal data.

Metrics - Know your fundamental performance with numbers & tables

​Display your important metrics in tabular form and organize them into worksheets, sections, and indented rows. Filter them by any time period you like so you need .

Automated reports and alerts

We know you need to monitor transactions and activities of your critical operations reports, which is why we automate the mundane checking to free up your time.

Schedule operational reports to be emailed to you or anyone on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Set up hourly or minutes thresholds to monitor and alert you of newtransactions in your data

Annotations keep track of your key milestones

​Relate significant milestones and events to understand changes in your data. Especially helpful when you want to find out why there's a data spike/plunge some time back!

Filters to customize any data-sets you need

Filter fields makes Holistics uniquely flexible. Easily add date, dropdown, text and even list fields to make it easy to filter the data you need anytime.

Date Fields

Enable non-technical users to retrieve the latest set of data or for any periods of time.

Text Fields

Flexibility to filter your records by fuzzy search or regular expressions.

Dropdown Fields

Populate drop-down filters dynamically from your database table, a custom SQL query, or keying in them in directly.

List Fields

Enter in thousands of records to filter your data. Saves time from selecting multiple selection of records.

Drill Down to Details

Drill-Downs link and connect the data of 2 different reports so you can identify root-causes easily. Drill down into your sales channel to know where you get your highest returns, or identify the marketing channel with the highest cost of acquisitions.

Add context to your data

Dashboards are great for visualizing different charts in a single page, but not suitable for organizing access control on an individual widget/chart level.

Holistics lets you organize reports into folders and sub-folders, making it easy for you to search for specific reports and even assign access control for them similar to Google Drive.

You can also add report description for each individual report to help your viewers interpret the report you created.