SQL-first Report Creation Experience

Holistics adds synthetic sugar on top of SQL to extend its data extraction flexibility for business reporting. Embed Query Variables, Conditions, Templates and Shared Filters across all your reports and dashboards to speed up your report creation process.

Dynamic SQL Reports With Query Syntax

Query Variables – Allows you to take user inputs as variables within your query. Accept user inputs via report date fields, dropdown, text and list fields to customize the report results for their needs.

Query Conditions – Include If conditions into your SQL queries to conditionally render text blocks, include nested conditions, include else statements.

Reduce Repetition with Reusable SQL Components

Turn repetitive SQL code into reusable SQL components with Holistics’ Query Templates.

Build dynamic SQLs with our filters and if-else conditional syntax

Pivot Your Data Instantly

Pivot the results of your query without endless CASE WHEN. Quick Pivots allows to denormalize the results of your SQL query easily

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