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Product updates from Holistics team

  • Change: Dashboard Email Schedule Fail Fast

    Previously, when a widget (report or metric) of a dashboard failed, that widget would be omitted in the email content, the email was sent with the other working widgets.

    For this change, we will cancel the email sequence if any widget fails and notify the owner of the dashboard, so that he/she can login and repair the dashboard right away.

  • Bug Fix: Fix filter names using framework keywords

    Previously, when you name your filter names using some keywords like action, id, etc, this causes an error as it conflicts with the Rails (yes we use Rails) framework parameters.

    We have since fixed this, and now you can name your filter variables anyway you like.

  • New Feature: QDS Presto Now Supported In Data Import

    Qubole/QDS customers now can perform data imports to load data from multiple sources into their data warehouse.

  • New Feature: Metrics Spreadsheets

    We’re excited to annouce we just released metrics spreadsheets. This allows you to build a perfect KPI spreadsheet for your management to monitor everyday.

    You can easily see your metrics by different time dimension, and compare it with previous time period. Learn More

  • New Feature: Support Detailed Row View

    In your report view page, we added support for detailed row view, you now can toggle this mode and see each record in a detailed table. Read more in our docs.

  • New Feature: Support for Geo Heatmap Chart

    We finally released Geographical Heatmap. Geo Heatmap Chart helps you visualize the interesting geographic points and their influence on a map. Learn more.

  • New Feature: Add Annotations Support

    We finally released Annotations - now not only you can see your chart, but you can make sense of what’s happening with it. Learn more

  • New Feature: Support Qubole QDS for Data Transform

    QDS customers now can perform data transform to pre-aggregate data for reporting.

  • Change: Report Editor Has New Layout

    The new UI will focus on the SQL editor, as long as organizing sections on the report editor page in order to make this page cleaner and easy to use. View screenshot

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