Release Notes

Product updates from Holistics team

  • Change: Metric Widget Enhancement

    We just released some new options on metric widget in dashboards:

    • Support This quarter period
    • Allow hiding period comparison
    • Allow selecting period to compare with selected period

    View screenshot

  • Change: Cancel DataImport, EmailSchedule, DashboardWidget Jobs

    Along with QueryReport and DataTransform jobs, running DataImport, EmailSchedule, DashboardWidget jobs can now also be cancelled. Learn more

  • New Feature: Support Oracle Database

    We just released our new feature! Support Oracle database for data reporting. View screenshot

    Learn more about Create database

  • New Feature: Embedded Analytics

    We just released our new Embedded Analytics feature! This allows you to embed Holistics inside your web application, and display data to end-users based on their current ID (think applying organization_id = ? to their view).

    Learn more about Embedded Analytics.

  • Change: Adhoc Filter Support Previewing

    Adhoc filter can be previewed when being created or edited. View screenshot

  • Change: Parent-Child Filter Support Chaining

    We now support chaining effect for parent-child filters. Consider we have 3 filters: Region, Country and City with the relationship: Region –> Country –> City.

    When we set a new value for Region (e.g., Asia), available options for both Country and City filter will be updated based on the new region (can only select countries and cities in Asia).

    View screenshot

  • Change: Better Adding Report To Dashboard

    We improved the UI/UX of report widget dialog, so now adding a new report to dashboard is a much smoother experience. View screenshot

  • Change: Activity Log Management Has New Filters

    The new filters allow you to filter activities by actions, user, date and target, which is available at Activity Log Managament. View screenshot

  • Change: Improved UI Performance for Report Page

    You should notice a considerable increase in our Report UI performance! We’ve spent an incredible amount of efffort in making the page loads faster, the dropdown filter works faster for large list of items.

    Also, now switching between different filter values don’t require a reload of page anymore!

  • Change: Support filtering for Embedded Dashboard

    Embedded Dashboards now support filtering. Embedded dashboard’s owner can set default values for these filters (overriding shared filter’s default value or not), and specify which ones are read-only.

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