Release Notes

Product updates from Holistics team

  • New Feature: Move Dashboards in Report Explorer

    You can now move your dashboard around your hierarchy like what you can do with reports!

    Move Dashboards in Report Explorer

  • New Feature: Clone Widgets

    You can now clone widget in your dashboard! This makes adding new widget really fast.

  • New Feature: Drag and Drop in Dashboard

    You can now drag and drop widgets in your dashboard!

  • New Feature: Pause Schedule

    We now support pausing for schedule!

    You can pause and resume execution of schedules (Schedule data export to Slack, Email and Data Report Cache).

  • New Feature: Mobile Responsive View

    Access your data outputs easily, on the go! Holistics dashboards are now optimized for mobile viewing.

  • New Feature: Google Sheet Schedules

    Holistics now support making schedules that export your report data to google sheets.

  • New Feature: Pivoting Report Results

    We now support users to explore/pivot the report resultset directly. So that user can further aggregate data of a report table.

  • New Feature: Slack Schedules

    Introducing a new type of schedule which allow sending reports to your Slack workspace. See this documentation to get started.

  • Change: Dynamic Shareable Links

    Users now can make filters in shareable links editable. This allows viewers to process the report with their accessible data.

  • Change: Users Now Can Create Report Widget Directly From Dashboard

    Users now don’t need to create a report beforehand when they want to add a new widget to dashboard.

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