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Product updates from Holistics team

  • New Feature: Sorting for Visualization

    We now support sorting for visualization. You can sort your line, column, bar, area, pie, funnel and pyramid charts!

  • New Feature: Conditional Formatting

    This feature allows you to specify customized cell colors based on cell values.
    Now you can quickly highlight important information in your report!

  • New Feature: Drilldown in Embedded Analytics

    Gain deeper insights with the combination of Drilldowns and Embedded Analytics!

    This lets you drill into the details of your data reports with one click, to pull up a more detailed dashboard/report from your embedded analytics. Now your customers can access deeper analytics from right inside your own application, to explore finer levels of data analysis of your business questions!

  • New Feature: Version Control for Report

    We now support version control for reports. Now you track changes of your report and revert to its previous version. This includes restoring report’s query, filters and visualization settings.

  • New Feature: Support Else Syntax for Filter Permission

    We now support else syntax in filter permission!
    This is useful, for example, when you want the filter to return a value for anyone who does not belong to its above condition.

    Please refer this docs on how to to this.

    One of the feature’s use cases includes the ability to Hide/Show Columns in a Report based on User Permission. Please refer this blog post on how to do it.

    Hide column with if-else syntax

  • New Feature: Support Variable in Email Schedule

    We now support adding 2 variables {{$today}}, {{$yesterday}} in an email schedule’s body and subject!

    Example: A subject/body that has Sales report for {{$today}} will become Sales report for 2018-05-10 Tue when it is sent.

  • New Feature: Set timeout in data source

    We now support setting timeout for your query in PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift! Queries running on that data sources will be killed after your set runtime.

  • New Feature: Drag and Drop in Explorer (Left Sidebar)

    We now support drag and drop in your explorer! You can move them with ease!

  • New Feature: Automated Reverse Tunnel

    With our new automated reverse tunnel script, connecting to data sources in your private network is easier than ever! Learn more here.

  • New Feature: Export Notifications

    No more waiting for annoying export dialogs.
    Your export jobs are now listed in your notifications, so that you can make and track multiple exports more conveniently!

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