User-Based Pricing

$60/mo (Paid Monthly)
$50/mo (Paid Annually)
Free 50 Objects
5 Users
  • Dashboard/Reports/Metrics
  • Data Import/Transform
  • Slack/Email Schedules
  • Static Shareable Links
  • Postgres/MySQL
  • Automated Task Frequency (Up to Daily)
$240/mo (Paid Monthly)
$200/mo (Paid Annually)
Free 500 Objects
15 Users
  • Everything in Entry
  • User Groups
  • Report Exploration
  • Query Templates
  • Big Data Connectors
  • Dynamic Shareable Links
  • Automated Task Frequency (Up to Hourly)
$600/mo (Paid Monthly)
$500/mo (Paid Annually)
Free 2000 Objects
30 Users
  • Everything in Standard
  • Data Models
  • Drill Downs
  • APIs Access
  • PDF Email (coming soon)
  • Version History
  • Automated Task Frequency (10 Minutes)
Contact Us
Contact Us (Paid Monthly)
Contact Us
Contact Us (Paid Annually)
Fully Customized Pricing
  • Everything in Professional
  • IT Admin Users
  • Permission Syntax
  • Custom Usage Reporting
  • Non Branded Shareable Links
  • Technical Account Manager
Billed annually (Save 17%) Billed monthly

You can customize your plan by adding extra objects to your base plan, so you pay only for what you use.
100 extra objects cost $50/month billed annually or $60/month billed monthly

$59/mo (Paid Monthly)
$49/mo (Paid Annually)
  • 10 Job Definitions (Import/Transform/Transport)
  • 5M Monthly Data Import/Transport Limit (records)
$239/mo (Paid Monthly)
$199/mo (Paid Annually)
  • 30 Job Definitions (Import/Transform/Transport)
  • 25M Monthly Data Import/Transport Limit (records)
  • Big Data or Commercial Connectors (BigQuery/Redshift/Oracle/MS SQL)
Contact Us (Paid Monthly)
Contact Us
$999+/mo (Paid Annually)
Billed annually (Save 17%) Billed monthly

You can customize your plan by adding extra objects to your base plan, so you pay only for what you use.
100 extra objects cost $50/month billed annually or $60/month billed monthly

What can you do with {{extraObject}} Objects?

  • Create up to {{extraObject / 2}} Reports/Visualizations/Metrics or
  • Create up to {{extraObject / 10}} ETL Jobs (Import/Transform)
    Each ETL Job (Data Import, Data Transform) you defined is counted as 10 objects
  • Create up to {{extraObject}} Scheduled Tasks
    Email Schedules, Slack Schedules, ETL Schedules, Cache Schedules, Data Alerts. Learn more
{{extraObject}} Objects
Entry Plan ~ ${{extraObject}}/month

Module: Embedded Analytics

  • Unlimited embedded viewers, starting at 3 concurrent queries
    It will affect your embedded dashboard performance. Example, if you have 5 visualizations in your embedded dashboard, it will process 3 visualization concurrently, then process the rest later.
  • First 3 concurrent queries: 300 Objects
  • Per additional concurrent query: 100 Objects
300 Objects
for 3 concurrent queries ~ $150/month

Module: Data Preparation (ETL)

  • First Million Records - Free Included
  • Per next 1 Million Records: 2 Objects
2 Objects
for each million records ~ $1/month

Additional Users

  • Paid Annually - $12
  • Paid Monthly - $15
$12 - 15/mo

*Pricing in USD for reference purpose only. Final transaction charge will be in Singapore Dollars (based on 1 USD = 1.4 SGD)


Why charge based on usage?

There are many different use-cases that Holistics supports, from ETL to company wide reporting to embedded analytics, and we think it would be unfair to charge for features you aren’t using!
Additionally, having user-based pricing allows us to keep our costs low, and we can pass on those savings to you. We also find that by charging for usage, our customers are able to give their users more access to the data.

What if I just want to pay and not think about usage?

We completely understand this and work with many enterprise companies who feel this way. We can work with you to create a plan that fits your budget and use case. Simply contact us and we can work out a simpler pricing model customized to your needs!

What payment modes are available? Can we make payments via invoice?

We accept credit card payments for new sign-ups. Invoice payments are available for customers on Enterprise Plans billed on an annual basis.

What is a Holistics Object?

Objects in Holistics are how we count usage within the platform. They refer to the use of product features listed above, which broadly speaking are:
  • Reporting widgets
  • Data preparation jobs
  • Delivery schedules
You are free to add/subtract as needed to optimize for objects usage on your plan without any overage charges. Scroll up for more details on objects!

What happens if I go over my objects count?

There is NEVER a restriction on Objects usage, so your business operations will not be disrupted in any way. When you exceed usage, we will get in touch with you to find an objects count that better reflects your use-case.
Connor McLaughlin, 99co
Conor McLaughlin
Cofounder & CTO, 99.co

We chose Holistics because of its deceptive ease of use, customization filters, efficiency, scalability, and affordability for growing our company.

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