From Raw Data To Insights

Cloud-based Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Platform. Holistics connects to your databases and helps you get the data-driven insights you need.

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Better Data-Informed Decision

More done, less effort getting meaningful insights for better business decision


Centralize Your Data Pipeline

From BI to ETL, Holistics is the only data platform you need for your Data Team


Scalable BI Platform

Whether you are Big Enterpise or Early Stage Startup, Holistics is built for you

The Only Data Solution You Need

Powerful and Scalable, From BI to ETL, on the Cloud
Enable Self-Service Analytics (BI)
Generate realtime and interactive insights, faster and more secure
Consolidate Data on the Cloud (ETL)
Load and transform data from different sources into your data warehouse (ETL)
Perfect Workspace to Save Your Time
Holistics provides a perfect workspace for you to analyze and automate your reporting process

End-to-End Data Platform

Holistics BI Platform helps you consolidate, manage, analyze and automate your data platform, so that everyone can have quick access to data.

Built For The Entire Organization

Built For The Entire Organization

From CEO, Founders, Product, Marketing, Sales to Analytics and Engineering.

A Single Platform For Your Data Needs

A Single Platform For Your Data Needs

Data Management, ETL, Adhoc Queries, Automated Reports, Visualization.

Works With Your Existing Data Infrastructure

Works With Your Existing Data Infrastructure

Connects Directly To Your Data Infrastructure (Oracle, SQL Server, Amazon Redshift, BigQuery, etc.).

Built For The Entire Organization

Founders & Managers

Get automated updates on your business performance on the go. Receive your latest business data reports daily, right in your inbox or on Slack

Data Teams

Our SQL-first platform lets any data user automate ETL processes and build dynamic reports, without needing engineering assistance!

Product Teams & Business Users

Easily combine data from various sources, and discover new insights with product and customer data, to build the best product and business for the market.

How Holistics Works

1 - Connect

Connect Holistics to your SQL database (such as PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery)

2 - Load and Sync Data

Sync your CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, MongoDB or other sources into your SQL database. Supported sources

3 - Run Your Analysis

Write and run your SQL queries using our Interactive Analysis Workspace

2 - Load and Sync Data

Sync your CSV, Excel, Google Sheets, MongoDB or other sources into your SQL database. Supported sources

4 - Build Dashboards and Metrics

Turn your analyses into reports, dashboards, KPI metrics and email alerts

5 - Share with Your Team

Invite your users to Holistics to get answers for their data questions

On The Press

"Holistics believes SQL is the new Excel, and that in many ways, the people who know how to use SQL will find jobs in the same way masters of Excel were employed over the last couple of decades"

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Graduate of Y Combinator Startup School
Proud Graduate of Startup School

Turn your raw data into insights

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