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Integrated Data Reporting And Preparation Platform

SQL-first Report Creation Experience

Get started in minutes as you port your existing SQL queries into Holistics to extract and visual data instantly, and enjoy the flexibility that our syntactic sugar brings to SQL for your report data extraction needs.

Build dynamic SQL reports by taking in user inputs as custom variables. Add if-else conditional syntax to simplify your SQL query. Turn repetitive SQL code into reusable SQL components with query templates.

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Work Directly With Your Databases


Holistics works directly with your SQL database without the need to store a copy of your database data. Your reports will always be most up-to-date, automatically.

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Say Goodbye to Traditional ETL

Automate your data preparation with agility. With just SQL queries, you can refresh, transform, summarize and aggregate your data all within your own reporting database.

If you ever want to build your own data warehouse from scratch, Holistics help you import data from Google Sheets, spreadsheets and your production databases into it.

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How We Benefit Our Customers

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  • grab.png Business Operational Reports across SEA
  • kfit.png Reservations, Ratings, Reviews and Customer Analysis
  • catchthatbus.png Sales and Operational reports
  • shopback.png Data Warehousing and Transaction Reporting
  • kaodim.png Service Provider & Customer Transactions Reports
  • techinasia.png Investors and Startups Research Insights
  • 99co.png User Experience & Cohort Insights
  • reddoorz.png Property Performance insights across partners

"Holistics believes SQL is the new Excel, and that in many ways, the people who know how to use SQL will find jobs in the same way masters of Excel were employed over the last couple of decades" - As Seen On

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How Holistics Works

Holistics connects directly to your database and provide a web-based interface for SQL analysts to build reports and dashboards to share with others.