Creating Your First Holistics Report And Dashboard

Creating your first Holistics report and dashboard is easy! In Holistics, you first create a report (or widget), which you then add to your dashboard.

To build a report, just type in a simple SELECT query in your report editor to retrieve the data you need from your connected database, and preview your query results.

Once you are happy with your query results and chosen visualization, proceed to save your report. That’s it! You have just created your first report! To add your new report, charts and metrics to a Dashboard in Holistics, simply select + New Dashboard, then select + Add Widget to add new or existing reports and metrics to your dashboard.

Holistics Dashboards make building metrics, charts and tables from your database automatic and simple, plus easy to share.

For more details on how you can realize the full flexibility and potential of your Holistics reports, you can refer to our documentation on report creation and features here.