Third-party Models For Unifying Data Sources

Holistics Third-party Data Models lets you unify and model your data from different sources, using SQL-based data models to generate analytics.

Say you’re running a marketplace company, and you’d like to investigate your merchant product listings. The problem: your merchant names are in a spreadsheet, your merchant data is in MongoDB, and your product listings are stored in an SQL database.

In the past, you would have to find a way to first load and combine these three data sources within your data warehouse, before you begin creating reports. With Holistics, however, you can create data models directly from external data sources.

Third-party Models to unify external data sources with SQL-based modeling.
  • Build once, and reuse repeatedly: Skip the tedious work of creating a new pipeline and testing the data and writing code to combine everything in multiple tools. Leverage the full power of SQL modeling to manage your data and various sources, all in a single platform!
Easily pull and model data from external third-party sources
  • Easily maintain data sources and definitions of business metrics: Have a single place to manage your various data sources, and a centrally defined version of your key business metrics and measurements, for the company to use. No more fighting over how to define the same formula, by different departments!
Centrally defined business measures for overall consistency

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