Schedule Slack Reports

Holistics Slack Schedules lets you send your data reports automatically to your Slack channels. Get regular updates on the changes to performance taking place in your data, right where your team is having their conversations.

  • Send automated data reports to your team over Slack, so you can have your conversations where the action is, without needing to access your Holistics data platform to check the data.

  • Schedule Slack alerts to be notified of changes in your data, to receive automatic Slack updates when there are unexpected large movements in your data values, such as spikes or falls in traffic.

How It Works

Enable the Holistics Slack integration: Click on the Schedule to Slack button located on your report page. You will be redirected to the Slack authorization page. The first authorization with Slack requires you hold the role of admin in your company’s Holistics tenant, a Holistics tenant can only connect to one Slack team at a time.

Holistics Slack integration authorization

Schedule your reports to post to Slack: Once you have authorized the Holistics Slack app, you can now access the Slack schedule form. Here, you can set the frequency of your report updates to Slack, the filter values of your report, and choose the channels you want to send the report to. For private channels, please manually type the channel name, e.g. #top_secret

Schedule Holistics reports to Slack

Receive awesome data reports, all inside Slack!: Become a total boss at using Holistics data reports to 10x your productivity in Slack!

Sample Holistics report message in Slack

Learn more about this feature in details in our Slack schedule docs, or Sign up for a free trial to experience it yourself.